Boys varsity volleyball team defeats Foothill 3-1

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  • Ryan Yu (’24) tips a ball over into Foothill’s side of the net and earns a set-winning point.

  • Coaches Erin Mcfall and Ross Yu gather the team together in a huddle at a timeout in the tense last set.

  • Players watch as Nate Clinton (’23) serves the ball into Foothill’s end.

  • Spencer Thiel (’23) and Nick Nayak (’25) jump to block a scoring attempt by Foothill.

  • Nate Clinton winds up to hit the ball into the other end.

  • Parker Brookhart (’24), Max Riter (’25), Nick Nayak (’25), and Dean Spencer (’23) celebrate after scoring a point.

  • Parker Brookhart (’24) reaches to spike the ball into the opponent’s side of the court.

  • The players celebrate after winning a set 18-25.

  • Jackson Mello (’23), Luke Melvin (’23), Parker Brookhart (’24), Bryce Nohava (’23), Colin Bowers (’23), Aidan Husejnovic (’24), Ryan Yu (’24), Nick Nayak (’25), Spencer Thiel (’23), Ryder Kuckein (’25), Max Riter (’25), and Haard Shah (’23) pose for a picture after winning the rivalry game.

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  • #9 Nick Nayak sends a ball flying through the opponent’s defenses to score a point.

  • #13 Nate Clinton spikes a ball with power over the net.

  • #8 Luke Melvin reaches out to hit the ball past the opponents.

  • #1 Bryce Nohava spikes the ball from deep in the court.

  • #12 Max Riter leaps above his defenders to send a shot spiraling to the floor.

  • #10 Spencer Thiel and Bryce Nohava jump together to block the opponents’ spike.

  • #11 Colin Bowers sets the ball for a teammate.

  • The bench watches in awe during an intense point.

  • Nate Clinton, Luke Melvin, Max Riter, and #6 Parker Brookhart discuss strategy at the end of the second set.

  • Colin Bowers fakes a spike before proceeding to tap the ball over the unaware blockers.

  • Luke Melvin and Colin Bowers successfully block a spike back over the net.

  • Max Riter gets low to return a serve.

  • Parker Brookhart returns a serve to start the point.

  • Nate Clinton prepares to send a spike over the net.

  • Nick Nayak makes successful contact blocking the ball.

  • Luke Melvin sends a ball flying over the net from deep in the court.

  • Bryce Nohava makes an incredible dive to keep the ball in play.

  • Nate Clinton pushes the ball above the defenders to score a point.