Baseball player Matthew Foley(‘24) return after strong season


Provided by Matthew Foley

Matthew Foley(’24) takes the plate against his younger brother Aidan Foley (’25).

Luke Rathjen, Staff Writer

Matthew Foley (‘24) was awarded an honorable mention by East Bay Athletic League in the 2021-2022 Varsity Baseball season. Foley was the only sophomore pitcher to win the award which is only presented to 4 athletes. On March 9th, Foley kicked off a new baseball season with six shutout innings at Acalanes High School.

“It just felt really good to get back on the mound and be surrounded by my Amador teammates. Baseball is always more fun when you’re playing with your friends and I just can’t wait to keep going out and having good outings,” said Foley.

Foley has been playing baseball competitively since he was in fifth grade as a pitcher. A loud and outspoken teammate committed to helping himself and his teammates at all times, bringing culture and life to the dugout.

Foley is always a hype man in the dugout and he makes his presence known everywhere that he goes. He has always kind of prided himself on keeping the energy up and he keeps the momentum on our side” said Borges, Foley’s friend and teammate. 

Borges has been playing baseball alongside Foley for 8 years consecutively and has watched him grow as a baseball player and get more and more confident. Baseball has taken the two of them all over the nation to states like New York and Florida.

Foley works super hard outside of school. In practice, he pushes those around him to get better. He stays very composed on the mound and it’s pretty hard to rattle him,” said Borges.

Foley has felt a super strong brotherhood with his Amador teammates and felt welcomed by the upperclassmen in his time on the squad. Coming in as a sophomore the upperclassmen helped him learn how Amador baseball ran and gave him tips whenever he was struggling.

“It’s super fun being on the team and it’s just fun to go to practice every day and be a part of this team, it’s a really good atmosphere,” said Foley.

Matthew’s mother, Trisha Foley, talked about the joy to watch her son have a successful baseball career. She believes the hard work and dedication put in to become that player finally paid off and is thrilled to see the next steps in his journey.

“ I think and really hope that he will play at the collegiate level and I hope it all works out for him. He has worked so hard and put himself in a good position to achieve his dreams” said Trisha Foley.

Amador has had a strong start to this season and this can be partially attributed to the two shutout performances Foley has dealt on the mound. The team anticipates this winning trend for the rest of the season.

“I think we are going to make massive strides from last year and be way more successful this season,” said Matthew Foley.