Pleasanton restaurants participate in Tri-Valley Restaurant Week


Lexiss Marajas

Restaurants that participated in the Tri-Valley Restaurant Week set up special deals and discount. Mochiholic, for example, had a 20% off deal for entire orders.

Tri-Valley Restaurant Week, an annual celebration in California’s Tri-Valley region, highlights the culinary diversity in the area. This year, the event took place from Mar. 2 to Mar. 5, and ten Pleasanton restaurants participated, offering deals and discounts to diners.

Participating restaurants offered limited-time specials and deals.Beer Baron Whiskey Bar & Kitchen had a 25% off deal, andThe Hop Yard Alehouse & Grill had a three-course prix fixe menu for $35 per person.

“Tri-Valley Restaurant week is a great event in which we can provide specials that are both affordable and delicious. We take pride in being a part of this celebration and look forward to welcoming guests to our restaurants year after year,” said Oyo co-manager Matthew Richmond.

Restaurant Week is a great opportunity for diners to try out new restaurants and explore the local culinary scene. It also boosts local businesses, attracting new customers and generating buzz around their offerings.

“I always look forward to Restaurant Week. It gives me the chance to discover new restaurants and flavors in the area,” said Dante Edwards (‘24).

The Tri-Valley Restaurant Week aims to promote the local food and beverage industry, a significant contributor to the region’s economy. According to a recent report by Visit Tri-Valley, the region’s tourism industry generated $1.1 billion in 2019, of which a significant portion is from food and beverage sales.

“It’s not just about the economic impact. It’s also about building a community around our love of food and drink,” said Richmond.

Participating restaurants also benefit from the event by interacting with a wider audience and attracting new customers. By offering deals and discounts, they encourage diners to try their menu items, possibly gaining new regular customers in the process.

“I always enjoy Tri-Valley Restaurant Week. I get to explore new places to eat with my friends without spending too much money. The special deals and discounts offered during the event make it easier for us to try out new menu items that we might not have otherwise considered,” said Samantha King (‘26).

In addition to restaurants, local wineries and breweries also participate in Tri-Valley Restaurant Week, offering tastings and other dishes. The event is overall a great way to celebrate the local food and beverage industry while supporting local businesses.