Boys lacrosse season update


Emerson Muise

Boys Lacrosse plays rain or shine.

Emerson Muise, Page Editor

Spring sports are currently in full swing, with pre-season practices coming to a halt and games starting at a rapid pace. Boy’s Lacrosse is one of those teams, and they have high hopes for the upcoming season. 

“We’re figuring out how to play as a team and strengthening our bonds so that we can really work well together, so we can win all of our other games,” said Tyler Mcphie (‘25). 

The team practices every weeknight at Amador. Practices consist of many different things to help all of the players become stronger in all aspects of their game. 

“Practices usually involve conditioning, drills, and running plays. Other practices may involve watching and analyzing film from our previous games,” said Max Quarneri (‘23). 

Until the end of April, the Boys’ Lacrosse team plays every Tuesday and Friday night. They have 13 games left in the season. Their last game of the season is against Amador’s school rivals, the Foothill Falcons.

“Our two main goals for the season are to make it to NCS and beat foothill,” said Quarneri. 

Although the team lost their first game of the season, the game showed them what they needed to work on to grow as a team. 

“We are doing a bit worse than expected. We lost some of our top players so our offense has been struggling. Our defense needs to learn how to play a bit more aggressively,” said Quarneri.

The team lost some of its best senior players last season and they are still learning how to play as a team together. There are still about two months left for the team to train, and players are already seeing improvements.

“Because we lost our first game, we’ve been working a lot of the fundamentals and really getting down our plays. Once we get that down, we will be solid,” said Mcphie.