Where do Amador students stand in NBA playoffs?


Case Bahl

Basketball fans at Amador wonder about how well their team will perform in the playoffs this season.

Case Bahl, Staff Writer

As the NBA 2022-2023 regular season comes to an end, students wonder how their supported teams will perform in the playoffs. Currently, the Golden State Warriors are in sixth seed, putting them in the playoffs. However, due to their weaknesses this season, students question their ability to make a run.

“I think because we run a small ball lineup, it’s really hard to have those great defenders because there’s a very clear size difference between us and the other team. I also think we just go on cold streaks for shooting, and then the bench just isn’t where it needs to be,” said Warriors fan Aarav Kakad (24’).

Stephen Curry, point guard of the Warriors, has missed about a month due to a knee injury. This worsened the team as without their main star, they struggled to get wins and close games. Despite these setbacks, the Warriors managed to stay a strong contender, surprising many students.

“I don’t think that [Stephen Curry’s injury] has affected us all that much, though it did take some time to find a groove without him,” said Kakad

It’s not just Warriors fans that worry about their team. Students from other fan bases are not certain that the players they support will win the highly coveted NBA Championship. Injuries are plaguing the league, leaving many players unable to get back in time for the playoffs. 

“I am a huge Lakers fan, but they aren’t really doing that good this year. Ever since we rebuilt during the trade deadline I thought we might’ve had a shot, but then Lebron got hurt which really sucks. I hope he’s back by playoffs but honestly, he might not be able to,” said Lakers fan Pranav Abhinand Iyer (24’).

Despite the season soon coming to the end, many teams still can still beat the odds and make the playoffs. A lot can change in the last 20 games, and only time will tell how teams perform this postseason.

“Like I know it’s looking really bad for us [Warriors], but I’ve seen this team come back from worse. A lot can change before playoffs and I know not to count the Dubs out,” said Anika Aeka (24’).