Recent snowfall on Pleasanton Ridge


Matthew Nader

Snow recently fell in the mountains around the Bay Area, including on Mt. Diablo, Mission Peak, and Pleasanton Ridge.

On Friday, February 24th, an unlikely event occurred in Pleasanton. For the first time in 48 years, snow fell in this town. It had coated the top of the Pleasanton ridge, which due to its higher altitude, had colder, compatible weather conditions. 

“As someone who used to live in Washington, it’s very interesting to witness snow here in Pleasanton. It is something I definitely never expected to see but it reminds me of winter when I was younger.” said AV student Aubrie Asbery (‘23).

Chilled winds, heavy rain, and low-level snow recently traveled through the bay area region. San Francisco was one of the places with the most visible effects. Even though the weather is heavily impacting highways and roads it’s an incredible sight to see. However, it’s most important to remember to stay safe in these conditions. 

“Since I go to school in San Francisco I was able to experience the snowfall first-hand. I have lived in California all my life so this was truly a spectacular thing to see here, I never would have imagined it,” said San Francisco State student Kate Levoit. 

A freeze warning was issued by the National Weather Service around a week ago but the snow was surely a surprise to Pleasanton residents. Despite the occasional power outages and abundant rainfall, this storm brought something fascinating that only happens once in a lifetime. 

“The amount of snow at lower elevations came as a surprise to many… [some] found themselves stuck during their early morning commute and needing assistance from the Alameda County Fire Department,” said Pleasanton Weekly writer Cierra Bailey.

As much as California needs the rainfall, we can only hope the effects don’t drastically impact residents and infrastructure. California weather can vary throughout the year and February is one of its wettest months. The recent snowfall is one of the pleasant surprises the rainy season has brought around.