Swim and dive season preview


Spencer Thiel

Student athletes at Pre-Season swim practice after school.

Spencer Thiel , Staff Writer

With Spring around the corner, Amador’s spring sports are just starting. One of them being our own swim and dive teams. The season has not officially begun yet, so members are in the conditioning and improvement stage of preparing for the competitive season.

“We have a couple of weeks before the season starts, and during that time there are time trials to help us get a gauge where we are all at as individuals. We use this information to keep track of our progress and make goals for better times in the upcoming season,” said AV swim member Griffin Shea (‘23).

With the competition in mind, swimmers are keeping track of their personal times to learn how to better improve for the season. The coaches and captains are combining new techniques and methods into the practices this year to hopefully explore a larger range of physicality and get more out of the effort that the students put in.

“This year on Wednesday practices, captains will be leading practice, and it’s a full dry-land workout so we are not swimming at all. We’re incorporating things like calisthenics, running, and stretching. Captains are also organizing events like fundraisers so there’s a lot more responsibility for the captains,” said Shea.

With the new focus on captain-led practices, coaches hope to create a better connection with the students and the student leaders this season. The new schedule with more strength and flexibility-focused exercises on dry land is experimental to the team and they hope it will be helpful for the long run and well-being of the athletes.

“A lot of people that are doing the swim and looking for extra practice to improve for the season will take a class with coach Brett. They offer to swim conditioning classes at PVC and DBAC. It’s a great resource for more training,” said Terrence Moore (‘23), a former swim captain.

Our swim program has branched out over the years to other swim programs at different locations for AV students to practice. PVC and DBAC are both great locations for professional coaching and more rigorous training for students looking to hone their skills in the water. AV swim members are commonly members of these clubs.

“We put a lot of work into last season, and we are ready for this coming season as well. We are all excited to improve as individuals and as a team this year,” said Shea.