Reveling in resilience: significance of Black History Month for students


Lexiss Marajas

Despite the challenges and differences we face, Black History Month serves as a reminder of the unity and common ground we share in celebrating and honoring the contributions of Black individuals to society.

The accomplishments, successes, and history of African Americans are honored and celebrated during Black History Month. Observed every February since 1976, it has enjoyed widespread growth, being celebrated at Amador and high school campuses nationwide.

The idea of Black History Month started with Historian Carter G. Woodson, commemorating African American history during the birthday of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, two key figures in the nation’s history. In 1976, the week-long period was altered to a month-long commemoration.

“Black History Month is a time to honor and celebrate the accomplishments and struggles of African Americans throughout history. It serves as a reminder that their contributions have played a crucial role in shaping the world we live in today,” said Noel Mill (‘26).

Classes such as African American literature provide an opportunity for African American students to learn about their heritage while offering other groups on campus the opportunity to study the history and struggles that African Americans have faced. 

“We must recognize the value of all cultures and the importance of creating a society that is inclusive and accepting of all people, regardless of their background. Through events like Donversity and other efforts to promote cultural awareness and understanding, we can work towards a more united and harmonious world,” said Berkeley TA of African American Studies Malik Thompson.

In addition, Black History Month is about remembering the current problems that African Americans face. 

“It’s important for classes at Amador Valley to have open and honest discussions about the violence that African Americans continue to endure,” said Ryan Harding (‘24). 

All in all, Black History Month is an opportunity to learn about and appreciate the achievements and heritage of African Americans. Students have the chance to learn about their challenges and accomplishments, promoting cultural understanding and fostering a sense of community in Pleasanton and beyond.