Annual Donversity Rally wraps up Donversity Week


Zaynah Shah

The event was split into two separate rallies in the small gym.

Emma Vollgraf, Staff Writer

The Donversity Rally is an annual event meant to capture Amador Valley’s diversity through performances from clubs and groups, and even solo performances showcasing individual talent. 

“We started planning way before winter break, meeting consistently with Mrs. Connelly to arrange everything. The plans for the rally really worked up early January when we started really trying to get all of the details down,” said ASB President and rally organizer, Sara Vannoni (‘23).

The rally was hosted by Sam Riter (‘23), Nate Clinton (‘23), and Thomas Kim (‘23), with the event including performances from Latino Club, Dance Club, Korean Culture Club, Bollywood, GSA, BSU, Choir, and Mr. Amador. 

“It was kind of who wanted to perform and then we asked them what they wanted to do and everything. We had a good turnout with clubs, and we were kind of surprised that a lot of them wanted to perform,” said Leadership student and rally organizer, Sonni Galoo (‘23). 

GSA put on a drag show highlighting some of the well-known LGBTQ historical figures. BSU showcased Black artists through the ages through a speech and posters. Choir performed a song called Babethandaza, a South African Folk song. 

The Mr. Amador boys performed a special Valentine’s dance in both A and B rallies. They came in, handing a rose to someone, then took their places. The boys danced to Only Girl by Rihanna, then transitioned to My Girl by the Temptations.

“I wanted to see how everyone would react. We had only done it with each other and we hadn’t really done it in front of anyone so I was excited to see how the crowd would react to it” said Mr. Amador boy, Sam Montoya (‘23)

Solo performances in both rallies also took place. Savana Robles (‘24) performed a hip hop dance solo to a mash up of many songs in Rally A, and in Rally B Katherine Foster (‘24) performed a ballet solo. 

“It’s a chance to showcase all of the exemplary students on campus. A lot of them have been working and preparing for months to perform, and I’m very excited to let the student body see all of the special groups we have, showcasing not only talent but also diversity” said Vannoni.

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