Process of Amador’s cheer team transferring to stunt


Sydney Queen

Maddie Ebel (’24) holds on to Olivia Delgado (’25) as she attempts an advanced stunt.

Sydney Queen, Staff Writer

Amador Valley High School’s STUNT team is returning this spring for their season. Tryouts are to be held in February, prior to the competitive cheer team returning from USA Nationals in Anaheim. The athletes are working hard each day to prepare as they end one season and begin another.

“STUNT is a hardcore program, I’m not going to lie. We made it to EBAL for our first time last year and we ended up winning. Now we have a target on us and we have a fire under our butts to win. This year, AVHS STUNT really has a name to uphold and a legacy to keep going,” said Megan Jagoe (‘24).

STUNT is among the fastest-growing female sports in the country alongside lacrosse and wrestling. It requires the most technical aspects of cheerleading incorporated with head-to-head competitions. Two teams perform the same routine at the same time, in a battle of technique.

“STUNT is really getting down to the nitty-gritty. It’s nothing showy, we’re not dancing, it’s not really a performance. It’s more getting down to the technique of what cheer really is,” said Jagoe.

The athletes are currently attending bi-weekly open gyms to strengthen their skills, refreshing their stunting and tumbling techniques under coach supervision. They hope to make great strides before the season officially begins.

“Open gyms are going very well. It’s so much fun to see everyone trying new skills and showing their potential…. With the open gyms, we are all there to show the coaches what we can do and also just start to get prepared for the season ahead,” said Kate Dooley (‘24).

STUNT is often confused with other sports like sideline and competitive cheer. In reality, STUNT is notably different from cheerleading due to its difference in elements and incorporation of skills.

“STUNT is more of its own thing. Every team does the exact same six different routines. Six different stunt routines, six different tumbling routines, six different pyramid routines, and they compete against each other. Essentially, whoever does it better gets a point and whoever has the most points at the end wins,” said Lauren Moore (‘23).

The team is determined to beat their rivals during the upcoming season, and they look poised to achieve their goal with continued hard work. Players ask for their classmates’ support to fuel their success.

“I would love to see more Amador students coming to home games or even away games. STUNT is really fun and we’ve seen other schools bringing their student sections to STUNT. It makes it really cool to see students come out to support. If the Dons would be willing, we would love to see you guys at games soon,” said Jagoe.