Super Bowl LVII: How is it similar to other global sporting events?


Amogh Belgal

Although every sport played and observed worldwide exhibits distinct customs and traditions, they are united by the enthusiasm and exuberance of the people who revel in their celebration.

Every year, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. This year was no different. On Sunday, Super Bowl LVII played out between the Chiefs and Eagles and racked up an astonishing 112.3 million viewers

“These are the best people in the world at what they do, so I do think that being able to watch them perform on TV is pretty cool. So, it’s the pinnacle of their sport, and they’re the best to do it. I think that that’s why everybody wanted to see who the champion is,” said Varsity Football Head Coach Danny Jones.

During the Super Bowl, families and friends host parties, visit sports bars, or just have a feast at home. Events like the FIFA World Cup, Tour de France, and ICC World Cup have tallied billions of viewers, and yet the traditions are not far off from the Super Bowl.

“[For the World Cup], we order a pizza or some chicken wings, and we just enjoy the game. I mean, we follow our favorite players and then we watch it with friends, and go absolutely nuts whenever there’s an amazing goal,” said Amador Valley’s JV Soccer player Nikhil Bhargava (‘25).

Sports are more popular than ever, and the same can be said about worldwide events. Tennis tournaments, car racing, cycling events and many more create communities around the world by connecting them through the love of the game or the triumph for a particular team.

“When my family and I watch the Cricket World Cup, we focus on it with a lot of passion. Cricket is the most popular sport in India and I really love watching it,” said Ativ Asarawala (‘24)

Sports fans also create communities through hosting online parties, and posting encouraging messages on social media. Whether it be tennis, basketball, soccer, or cricket, Twitter and Instagram are used as a universal platform for fans of a certain sport or team to come together and support their side. 

“Global sporting events unite the fans of each sport and they come together, whether it be online or in person, and enjoy the sport together. They can connect and share their love and passion for the sport,” said Filipp Dimitriev (‘25). 

Although each sport is unique in their own way, a shared trait in all sports is the passion of fans that bonds people from all walks of life.