Confidential documents exposed: national security implications


Gyan Bhambhani

The Presidential Records Act (PRA) governs the handling and preservation of classified documents generated during a President’s term in office, ensuring their protection and accountability.

Over the past three months, classified federal documentation has been found in locations associated to both Donald Trump and President Joe Biden. With national security hanging in the balance, questions are being raised as to the implications of such findings.

“I think it depends on the content of the documents to develop a complete understanding of what was recently uncovered,” said AP Government and Macroeconomics teacher Michael Boone.

The documents, pertaining to government matters, were discovered by differing parties in both cases. Over 300 documents with classification markings have been recovered from Trump since he left office in January 2021. Whereas, classified materials were discovered at think tank offices formerly used by President Joe Biden, as well as at his Delaware home.

“Again, it’s really important to understand the context of these documents to truly understand their threat to national security,” said Boone.

The White House and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) are cooperating with the Department of Justice in Biden’s case. However, Trump has responded in a more aggressive stance, claiming that he had the capacity to declassify material “even by thinking about it.”

“With regards to confidential information, accountability is super important. People need to be held responsible for their actions,” said Agash Morekonda (‘24).

Many around the country, due to the discovery of the classified material, have begun to question the handling of sensitive information by the Biden and Trump administration and their implications nationwide.

“I’m indifferent to the recent news as I don’t see it affecting national security, but then again it depends on what specifically was uncovered,” said Aryo Garakani (‘23).

The ongoing investigation into the findings of classified documents seek to determine the extent of any potential damage to national security and whether any laws or regulations were violated. However, the outcome of the investigation is cited to have far-reaching consequences for those involved, as well as the integrity of the nation’s classified information protocols.