Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ memoir sparks controversy among the Royal Family


Zenil Koovejee & Preston Elliot

Harry was born on the 15 of September, 1984 to King Charles and Princess Diana.

In the past week, Prince Harry released his new memoir Spare, revealing telling moments between him and other members of the Royal Family and telling the story of his life in his own words.

“My problem has never been with the monarchy, not the concept of monarchy. It’s been with the press and the sick relationship evolved between it and the Palace,” said Harry.

In the memoir, Harry details private instances of confrontation between him and other senior royals as well as details regarding his childhood upbringing. For example, he mentions instances such as how his brother William assaulted him in a heated argument regarding Meghan.

“I think that [Prince Harry] has every right to move to the US, leaving England and the Royal family behind. However, I think it is a bit peculiar how he left England to escape the publicity, and yet he is making documentaries, memoirs, and books which increase his publicity,” said James Taylor (‘23)

The memoir has been met with Harry’s further isolation from his brother and the rest of the family. The rest of the Royal Family have refused to comment on the content of the memoir, symbolizing a further weakening of the Royal’s relationship with Harry.

“While I understand his motivations, I never like seeing the Royal Family face such drama. The way I see it is that Prince Harry is simply a man trying to protect his family, but I do not think he should jeopardize his relationship with the rest of his family for that. There surely can be a solution that brings harmony,” said Ativ Asarawala (‘24).

Supporters of the Prince suggest that the publishing of the memoir was brave and gave the public an insight as to what is really happening inside Buckingham Palace. However, opponents suggest that Harry should live his life privately, as any talk of other family members kindle further drama and impede on the reputation of the Royal Family.

“I don’t think he is directly embarrassing the Royal Family, because it is his life and especially now that he has left. He apparently has nothing to do with them and it doesn’t involve them anymore,” said Taylor.

At the end of the day, people around the UK hope that the Royal Family can come together for the sake of the nation, the people, and the family itself.