New store Kpop 1004 opens at the Livermore Outlets


Krithika Subramaniam

The store sells a variety of albums from different groups and artists as well as other merchandise.

Krithika Subramaniam, Page Editor

The Livermore Outlets is home to dozens of stores, ranging from designer stores to small businesses. With the new addition of the Kpop 1004 store early this year, it continues to expand its range and diversity of stores. The store is located next to Aeropostale and resides in the back end of the mall. 

“We opened up in [the outlets] because, in the San Jose and San Francisco area, that’s where all the K-pop stores are. There is no K-pop store in between the valley and the bay which is why we thought this would be a prime location [to start a business],” said Kpop 1004 cashier Ashton Lim.

The name KPOP 1004 store sells merchandise relating to the music genre Korean Pop. The merchandise they sell includes albums, lightsticks, keyboards, and even plushies. 

“So we sell a branch of K-pop-related items from albums to merchandise from the BTS line, which is BT21, plushies, figures, and we sell posters as well. We are now selling numerous cosmetics from the Sanrio collection, so that’s just a little taste of what we’re selling, and there is more to come in the future, [but] these items are really what makes us different from the other stores,” said Lim.

The Bay Area has been known to house many fans of K-pop. This store provides easier access to the goods that these fans often want to possess. 

“A lot of people when buying K-pop albums have to go to shops like Target or Barnes and Noble or buy it online, so it makes it easier for people that are in that range of shopping,” said Lim.

Despite its recent opening, the store has garnered the attention of many customers who often return for more goods. Even non-k-pop fans tune into the store.

“Numerous customers every day come in, and they are shocked right away because it’s surprising to have a K-pop store in this location, and everyone is always looking at the albums. They are always browsing at around a 5-10 minute range at the minimum. Numerous customers come in every day [and some come back] to look at our inventory because we continue to receive more supply of what people want. We also take requests of what people are looking for,” said Lim.

Though the store is known for its K-pop albums and merchandise, it also sells a variety of other things such as stickers, ID holders, calendars, skin care products, and stationery, inviting even more customers.

“I’m not really a K-pop stan per se, but I saw this store and really wanted to go in. I found some make-up products and stationery and felt as though I hit the jackpot. The overall atmosphere is also really nice,” said Devika Subramaniam (‘23).