Top five Christmas movies to get in the holiday spirit


Lexiss Marajas

Spirited is streaming on Apple TV.

Lexiss Marajas, Staff Writer

This following Christmas, some people might be eager to deck the halls, spruce up their Christmas tree, and eat some holiday treats. To get in the holiday mood, here are five Christmas movies to get in the Christmas spirit this upcoming winter break, each with their own unique twist on the Christmas season genre.


Spirited (2022) is a musical comedy that is a twist on the classic story of The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Starring two comedic stars, Will Ferrell as Ebenzer Scrooge and Ryan Reynolds as the main character Clint Briggs, this story is bound to make you laugh in the spirit of the holidays. Many actors in this film are well established and might be familiar to some.In addition the soundtrack of Spirited is sure to make you sway your head. It’s joyful, festive, exhilarating, and uplifting. 


Elf (2003) is a classic, rewatchable, and downright hilarious Christmas movie. This movie, starring Will Ferrell, is about Buddy, a human, who was born into the elf world and raised by elves. When he reaches adulthood, he realizes that the people that raised him are not his biological parents, and the real parents are somewhere in New York City. He attempts to find his real parents by exploring the city and he eventually finds his father, a cynical businessman that is the opposite of Buddy’s joyful and happy nature. This Christmas comedy has a lot of funny moments, but there are plenty of emotional moments as well, such as the time where he finally connects with his father. Will Ferrell’s performance as Buddy made the film even more enjoyable because of how he embodies the silly personality of Buddy.

Santa Camp

Santa Camp (2022) is a heartwarming and must-see documentary that is actually based on a true story. It is about a group of want to be Santas meeting, attempting to welcome their newfound diversity and incorporate it into their ranks. This movie does well in trying to emphasize diversity, and it is not afraid to break any social norms at all. For example, instead of the traditional Santa being a white bearded male, they introduce different versions of Santa that are black or transgender. The ending ties everything together, and will make your heart burst wide open.


Grinch (2018) is a brilliant rendition of the classic Dr. Suess book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It is about the Grinch and his pet dog Max who hide in a cave and then come out to cause trouble in the town of Whoville. His hatred for Christmas and his hatred for the Whos is apparent throughout the movie and even humorous at times. While the Whos attempt to make their Christmas grand, the Grinch wants to steal Christmas to gain peace and quiet once and for all. The ending is extremely heart-warming. Additionally, the soundtrack is created by Tyler the Creator meaning it has many catchy songs.

The Polar Express

The Polar Express (2004) was a childhood staple for some that keeps the watcher at the edge of their seat. This film was directed by Tom Hanks, who based the movie on the children’s book The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg. This family fantasy film begins with a young boy who doubts the existence of Christmas. As he takes the train known as the “Polar Express”, which is a train ride to the North Pole, he begins to realize slowly that Santa and the Christmas spirit is real. This movie banks on the theme of believing in Santa, and it is complemented with a beautiful soundtrack. Tom Hanks does an excellent job at keeping the suspense and excitement throughout the film.

These five movies, whether comedic or feel-good are movies filled with Christmas spirit and fun for the whole family. Some are new and some are classics, but they all embody the holiday in some way.