Brady Nassar flips commitment to San Diego State


Photo provided by San Diego State University)

10 days after decommitting from Colorado, Brady Nassar announced his commitment to the San Diego State Aztecs.

Senior Defensive End Brady Nassar has committed to San Diego State University after decommitting from the University of Colorado Boulder on Dec. 5. Nassar took an official visit to San Diego on Dec. 9.  

After Deion Sanders became the new football coach at CU Boulder and brought in his own team, half of the original recruits lost their scholarships. Nassar had been committed for six months and wasn’t expecting to be replaced. 

“When news came that the new coach came in, I was excited about it because Deion Sanders is awesome. But then no one from the new staff reached out, and then I got a phone call from the only guy left from the old staff and he said ‘they’re not going to honor your scholarship.’ No one talked to me after that,” said Nassar

When new coaches replace old staff, the new staff typically reviews all the players and decides whether or not a scholarship or commitment will be honored. Sanders and his coaches did not.

“It was sad. Half the recruitment class lost their scholarships. All of us are in a group chat and we’re pissed off,” said Nassar.

Many of the other players similarly didn’t have any security in their commitment and were left defenseless when the news came that their offers were rescinded. 

“I wouldn’t be mad if the coaching staff had come and talked to me, met me, learned who I am, and then decided on honoring my scholarship. I’m fine with that. But the way it was handled is just wrong,” said Nassar.

San Diego State showed interest in Nassar from the start and their willingness to recruit him was significant. While other schools like UC Berkeley and Oregon State highly recruited Nassar in the past, their rosters filled up during the recruitment process. 

“(SDSU) has been recruiting me for over a year, so they’ve been there since day one. They really do want me. Some of the other schools ‘will take me,’ but it’s different from being wanted,” said Nassar

Throughout the last two weeks, Nassar has relied on his friends and family for support. Looking for a new school has been a long procedure and his parents have guided him throughout the process. 

“My dad’s like my agent. He just works nonstop and we talk over everything. My mom’s also on the same page giving me different opinions and different sides of the same story,” said Nassar.  

San Diego State’s location and coaching staff played a key role in Nassar’s decision. Head coach Brady Hoke, defensive coordinator Kurt Mattix, and defensive line coach Justin Ena ultimately stood out to Nassar the most. 

“You can’t beat San Diego, it’s the most beautiful place in the world. They have a brand new stadium and it’s the nicest stadium in the west,” said Nassar. “I’m very happy because they want me. They’re a great school, a great place, and have great staff. There’s really nothing wrong. They’re perfect.”