Three New Basketball Players Transfer to Amador Valley


Dylan Breen

Cannon DiFraia (#24) stretches out on the floor to warm up for practice. He is one of the three transfers on Amador’s roster this season.

Amador Valley’s boys basketball team added three new transfer players this past summer. Seniors Cannon DiFraia, Yindja Fungula, and Mateo Jackson have settled into their new school through past connections and strong relationships with teammates.

DiFraia transferred from Foothill High School in search of new opportunities to help his career plans. Amador Valley was a destination that gave players a chance to succeed through strong team chemistry.

“I wanted to have a good new start, as well as to keep going with my career and education in sports. I know some of them just from growing up. I went to middle school with some of them, and I’ve also met other people from going to school here. I think everyone is a great person,” said DiFraia.

Since joining the school, Fungula has embraced Amador’s pride and school spirit. Traveling and building team chemistry continues to play a large role in integrating new players into the team.  

I wanted to (transfer) because my little brother wanted to go to Amador Valley. I was at Foothill, and I thought I might as well go to school with my little brother,” said Fungula.

Jackson has fostered stronger bonds with his teammates despite moving to a new city. Veteran players from the Dons have helped make new players feel comfortable both on and off the court. 

“I attended Castro Valley High School, but I transferred to Amador Valley because I moved to Pleasanton. (Hanging out with teammates) has been pretty good. Everybody is super cool and I think we mesh together well,” said Jackson.

Players got to know each other better through spending more time together and going on basketball trips. These experiences have already created memorable moments for the transfers and strengthened the team’s bond.

“We work out together at 6:00 a.m. every day and everything’s great. One of my favorite memories so far has been going on a trip to San Diego with the basketball team,” said Fungula.

From hanging out with teammates to taking vacations, new transfer players have enjoyed playing basketball at Amador to reach their future goals. 

“I think my most memorable moment has probably been hanging out as a team at (Tyler Cheng’s) house. I plan on playing college or professionally, hopefully one day,” said Jackson.