Group portrait posters welcome all students into Amador library


Shimon Arai

Amador Valley students show their school pride and pose in one of the many student posters in the library

Edwin He, Staff Writer

Above the bookshelves in the library, large posters hang on the wall, depicting various groups of students. These posters aim to help students feel more comfortable and at home in the library. 

Student Representation

The pictures represent a wide array of students, as the purpose is so students can all feel like they belong.

“We want to represent the student body in the library to help students understand that the library belongs to them,” said Erik Scherer, Teacher librarian. 

The idea for this expansive project was to have students photograph other students. Scherer collaborated with Photography teacher Merilee Fisher and her class to create the decorations for the library. 

“[My students and I] have come along for the ride. ​​From the beginning brain inception to where we are now, it’s been quite a long process,” said Fisher

Future Plans

Fisher and Scherer plan to create more posters to depict more students. With the experience they gained from working on the previous posters, students can create the posters easier and put more up. 

“We’re on the stage of asking certain groups to come in to get their photos taken. Then we’ll be back to printing. We have the roadmap for what we want to do,” said Fisher.

The wall decorations bring the Amador community closer together. The collaboration between the student photographers and the students from varying clubs and backgrounds helps foster relationships. 

“[The] Chemistry club wanted to be a part of the community. Elliot, Esha, and Ludi [in the chemistry club] posed for the picture, and now it’s a wall decoration in the library,” said Steven Yang (‘23), President of Chemistry Club. 

The library will continue to become a more inclusive space with plans to ramp up poster production. 

“I hope that this becomes a tradition. Not only are we able to get a lot more up on the wall, but a lot more of a regular change, so it is going to be a constantly changing photo exhibit from kids,” said Fisher