Football manager Aarav Kakad (’24) brings injury assistance, enthusiasm to team


Joseph Chiu

Attending every practice and every game, Aarav Kakad (’24) works hard as the team manager on the sidelines and in the locker room.

Aarav Kakad (‘24) has worked as Amador Valley football’s team manager since the end of the last school year in 2022. He has also assisted in Amador Valley’s Sports Medicine team since 2021, gaining further knowledge about physical therapy and athletic training. 

Always seen with the team, Kakad is not listed on their official roster, but his role as manager has been a key factor in the program’s success. 

“I help out during practices with any injury assistance and any other required athletic training or medical attention. It’s mostly equipment and medicine, but also getting to know each of the players and helping them out in whatever way they need me to,” said Kakad.

From filling up water to spotting footballs and setting up drills during practice, Kakad handles everything behind-the-scenes. Head coach Danny Jones expects Kakad’s responsibilities to increase next season as he becomes more familiar with Amador’s system. 

“(His role will) expand to the game plan, inputting data on hudl and our opponent, and that helps me work faster,” said Jones

Kakad makes sure to show up at each football event and assist the team, no matter the circumstances. Regardless of his own energy levels, he never fails to stay enthusiastic and bring up team morale.

“For the most part, his energy is super positive. He’s dedicated and every day he’s there. He does whatever he can to help out as much as possible. Practice doesn’t feel right without him,” said cornerback Jacob Cazella (‘23).

Kakad embraces the large time commitment as part of being the team manager, attending nearly every practice and game. This means undertaking long hours after school, during the summer, and entire Friday evenings for home or long-distance away games.

“During the summer and football season, it’s every single practice and game from around May 10 all the way until mid-November. For typical home games, I could be here from seven or eight a.m. until 9:30 or 10 p.m. But for longer away games, I’ve been here as long as 7:00 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. the next day,” said Kakad.

Kakad typically steps into the locker room to chat with players after games and practices. One key component of his job is staying engaged with the team and consistently providing support.

“I try to motivate them as much as I can on the sideline and keep the energy up whenever we’re down in a game. My relationship with all the guys is pretty special. I grew pretty close with them during the season and I have a connection to all of them,” said Kakad. 

The coaches have mentored Kakad throughout the year to help him succeed in his role. Aside from providing assistance, he understands the importance of building strong relationships in the locker room. 

“I’m really blessed to have (the team) accept me since the summer. I was a completely new face and not really familiar with any of them at the beginning of spring ball last year, but they really took me in and made me feel like I was a part of the team,” said Kakad. 

As Kakad chases his future goal of working with a professional sports team, he will always remember the special moments working with individual players and celebrating with the team after big wins. 

“Even the players saw (Kakad’s passion) and respected him. He knew he wasn’t a player, but could help the team in other areas… You could tell that he loved being a part of the team and we even gave him a jersey. He was really into it and he ended up being phenomenal for us,” Jones