Amador library hosts World Cup watch party at lunch

Students can also pull out their own computers to watch other live games.

Students can also pull out their own computers to watch other live games.

Mia Trejo, Staff Writer

During the 2022 World Cup, the Amador Valley High school librarian Mr. Scherer hosted a watch party in the library during lunch.

The World cup began on Nov. 20, 2022. The librarian Mr.Scherer has allowed students to watch the World Cup in the library as both a community bonding experience and a sports watch party.

 “This is a world sport, it is a beautiful game and people bring their own personal lives to this tournament. They possibly have family ties to the countries that are playing,” said Erik Scherer. 

Mr. Scherer describes the game as exhilarating. He notices the passion in the students about their favorite teams winning and has been hosting this World cup party since it started. He hopes to continue doing this in the future.

Community bonding

Students share their knowledge of the game together and discuss the team they are rooting for as well as their favorite player with each other.

“I like watching the World Cup because it only happens every 4 years. Soccer is the best sport out there. It is very fun and I enjoy watching my favorite player Cristiano Ronaldo. He is the best and has won many awards because he is so smart at the game”, said Jonathan Lopez (‘24). 

People have grown up watching the World cup because of the different family ties they have with the countries and how it has changed the game of soccer for them. 

“ I come from European descent and the World Cup has always been a big thing in my family ever since I was a child and as I grow up I continue to

Not only can students watch the game, they can hide away from the rain.
(Mia Trejo)

watch it with my family,” said Anthony Sowul (‘25).

The finals are planned to be on Dec. 18, and the semifinals on the 13th.  Streaming services are available on Fox Sports.