Culinary classes prepare Thanksgiving meals


Maximilien Kiyoi

After their hard work, the classes are able to gather together and eat their Thanksgiving meal.

Maximilien Kiyoi, Staff Writer

The block days before Thanksgiving break, the culinary classes worked with skills they’ve developed and practiced over the semester to create a Thanksgiving feast. Preparation for this culinary feast began days in advance so that students could enjoy their treats with friends and teachers.

“It was a little bit chaotic in the end because we were making so much all at once but it came together really nicely. Most of the time we worked within our groups, today we got to work all together which was really fun,” said Kathryn Covert (‘25).

From homemade cranberry sauce, half a dozen carved turkeys, and bread rolls, to lemonade, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pie, everyone was able to collaborate in their own way for the collective meal. Throughout the year, presentations on how to prepare and carve turkeys, knife skills and starting yeast bread rolls from scratch, helped students in preparing for the big day. 

“This is always the most popular day of the year, I’m very thankful this year. All of my students are amazing in all my classes. It definitely warmed my heart,” said Julia Ford, culinary skills teacher

Students decorated their kitchen with table covers and plates to eat with their friends before school let out for the week-long break. Everything the students practiced led up to a celebration of the student’s hard work and dedication.

“Coming together and enjoying each other’s company was the best part,” said Jacob Cazella (‘23).