The behind the scenes look at “Our Town”


Krithika Subramaniam

In the beginning, the drama program put out flyers to advertise auditions and encourage Amador students to try out.

Krithika Subramaniam, Page Editor

The Amador Drama team gears up for their first play this year called “Our Town.”Auditions and rehearsals have been taking place for over a month, and their first show will take place Nov. 4, 2022.

Backstage can often be chaotic, but the end result is often worth it. The actors and stagehands have put in hours after school trying to rehearse and perfect the play.

Behind the scenes is a bit chaotic at times running between the bins outside, grabbing costumes, working tech, working with the actors themselves and getting them in the right spot, but it’s very enjoyable. You know, seeing it all come together in the end, it’s satisfying to say the least,” said Tate Simms (‘24).

The Amador Drama team has spent ample time advertising the play by putting up posters around the school, encouraging all students to come and watch.

“We want people to watch the “Our Town” play because we put a lot of time and effort into it, and we think it would be a fun experience for all Amador students to come and watch,” said Maya Boorman (‘25).

“Our Town” was chosen for various reasons, one the main reasons being gratefulness as the Thanksgiving season is right around the corner. Gratefulness for what we have, because before it’s too late, the things one adores and cherishes might be gone.

“It is a metaplay,which is a play about a play so it’s narrated by the stage manager of the play.  It is three acts, and the first act is about their daily lives. Then act II is about how Emily and Jorge get married and the love going on between them, and then in the third act one of the main characters dies, and it shows the grieving process and demonstrates why one should be grateful for what they have in the current moment,” said Keira Weir (‘24).

Last year, the drama department put on Seussical, and some of the same attendees from that show hope to come out and see the play, seeing the freshmen and other newcomers to the drama program. 

“As a person who watched the Seussical last year, I’m excited to see how the first play this year turns out,” said Bhavya Yanamandra(‘23).