Principal John Fey plans to introduce Principal’s Council at Amador Valley


Olivia Vukman

His first year at Amador Valley, Principal John Fey prioritizes connecting with students through his proposal for a principal advisory board and lunch photo booth.

Olivia Vukman, AVTV Segments Editor

Responses are official written statements from Fey, and were edited for length and clarity. 

What is the purpose of this council? 

It’s really just a way for me to connect with all kinds of people at the school and ask, ‘Hey, are there any concerns you have that I can help with? 

Did anything inspire you?

I wanted to put together a student advisory board that would be a way for me to kind of bounce ideas off of students.

Can anyone join this council if they are interested?

Right now, I’m in the formulation stage of it. I’m trying to make sure we’re getting representation for all kinds of life on campus.

Are there any key characteristics that this board will try to achieve?

It’s not going to be something about leadership, because we already have a class about leadership. I want to make it available to any student.

How often would members meet?

It’s something that I put together, and want to meet on every basis. It could be something that’s once a month, or once every quarter, but honestly it’s just a way to stay connected with what’s going on campus.

What is the goal?

The big thing is that students have access to the principal. For me, I will have a student group that will give me feedback on things I have concerns about.

“It’ll be just me and students, so they know they have my ear. It’s like, ‘Hey, we have an issue with this, what are your thoughts?’ 

Are there any specific issues you think could be resolved with this?

In terms of ‘think tank’ opportunities, there’s the trash issue. That’s a big thing we’ve been talking about for the past few weeks. I know Foothill started their advisory board with regards to sexual harassment. 

What are your hopes and goals for the council?

I am really looking forward to starting this advisory board and hearing students’ insights. It’s something that hasn’t been brought to Amador and I want things to be brought to my attention when any student needs assistance.O