Candy sales skyrocket in local shops


Sean Brown

Downtown Pleasanton’s Candy King Inc. has stocked up for the Halloween season.

Sean Brown, Staff Writer

With Halloween just around the corner, shoppers are heading to their nearest candy shops to stock up on sweets. However, many shoppers have realized that their favorite treats have surged in price compared to previous years.

“I’ve noticed that candy prices have been rising, which has made it harder to get Halloween candy. I believe the prices have gone up because it’s almost Halloween. So, there’s a large demand for candy,” said Will Coultrip (‘23).

With candy being in high request during this season, it is clear why prices have risen. This is especially apparent for local candy shops that compete with larger stores such as Safeway and Walmart.

“At the beginning of the year everything has risen by about 10%. I think the reason for the 10% increase is the repackaging of candies and overall inflation,” said Candy King Inc. employee Trevor Konopka.

With the increase in price this year, customers will have to decide what is worth the cost and what isn’t during this Halloween season. 

“The amount of money I spend on candy depends on how much I like the product. If I love that candy, I’ll pay a little extra for it. But if it’s a candy that’s good but not the best I’ll skip out on it,” said Ryan Schick (‘23). 

After oscillating for years, The National Retail Federation states expects Halloween spendings to reach a new high of $10.6 billion this year. Customers are willing to pay a little extra for their favorite treats, but if the prices continue rising, there may be a general decrease in candy sales.

“The price for Halloween candy will drop for sure on Halloween. And will probably be half off right after because it’s always discounted,” said Konopka.

With the end of the Halloween season nearing, the rising price of candy won’t be an issue to worry about. Executives across the retail industry do not expect candy prices to rise much further.

“We’re in a time where inflation is causing prices to rise on everything. And with it being Halloween, candy prices have been at an all time high. But, I don’t think the standard cost of candy will exceed the average customer’s budget,” said Issac Chan (‘23).