Don Squad: Amador’s culture creators


Max Kiyoi

Don Squad members pose in their Minions dress-up attire for the Homecoming rally.

At every rally, football game, or school event, Don Squad is always there to help create school spirit. Students from different parts of the school gather together to connect with the school community. 

As the overseer of Don Squad, Aubrie Asbery (‘23), assessed applications from rising seniors. She chose diverse members from different communities to appeal to everyone at Amador.  Don Squad King and Queen are voted on by the other members and made officially royalty at the first rally. The king and queen lead the team helping with morale and school spirit.

“Don Squad is super good at connecting with the community and showing up to support each other. They are able to communicate with the crowd. Our Don Squad members have talked to the freshmen and got them to cheer. It’s fun to have seniors communicating with the crowd,” said Asbery.

The Don Squad rap is a yearly tradition of pushing a healthy rivalry between Amador and Foothill via a music video rap done by students in the Don Squad, leadership, and the football team. Scotty Garman (‘23), Don Squad King, helped write, film, and edit the rap. It became a way to prove themselves and get the community hyped for the coming football game. 

“It was a really long process. We wrote all the lyrics in class and had to meet up on weekends and after school to record the rap and film it. We spent a ton of time editing the video as well,” said Garman

For school events, members set up posters, communicate with the cheer team, and give an extra hand to leadership. They provide energy and spirit with their games and cheers. Not only do they come to every football game, but they also attend other sports as well, such as volleyball. 

Garman had previously looked up to seniors in Don Squad in the past and wanted to be a part of the community they were able to create. 

“For anyone who’s wanting to do it or thinking about it, I would 100 percent recommend it. I think it’s a really cool way to get your name out there and to help everyone be spirited,” said Garman.