“Invested in service”: Bay Area Interact clubs in District 5170 hosts Fall Leadership Conference


Arlina Yang

Area 3 had Interactors from Amador Valley, Quarry Lane, Dublin, Granada, Livermore, and Foothill high school

Students from the Interact scramble to pile onto buses and cars in the morning to attend the only conference where the entire district comes together in action. Consisting of Interact clubs from high schools all across the Bay Area, District 5170 came together on 10/9 in Independence High School for the annual Fall Leadership Conference.

“Although things may not have been the same these past two years, we rise with resilience towards a new age. We now grasp our futures hand in hand with a new light ever so powerful, we take a step out of the darkness together with our flames sparked, we stand together shining our light,” said Hemreen Rosmon, Governor of District 5170.

District 5170 is the biggest district globally and more than 120 Interact clubs were present in the conference.  

“Together we all make a masterpiece. We stand here today with a flame of passion lit ever so bright. Together we can support those who have not been given a helping hand, and it’s time we bring forth the revival and the meaning of service within our hearts,” said Wyatt Pedersen, Lieutenant governor of District 5170.

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  • From posters to boards, Area 3 represented their area mascot strawberry seals at the Fall Leadership Conference with posters made at pre-FLC

  • Area 3 came together at pre-FLC at Emerald Glen Park to make posters, learn area 3 chants, and bond with each other before Fall Leadership Conference

  • Amador Valley Interact chapter had club members and officers attend the conference as they take a picture together before the day wraps up

  • Area 3 Interactors group together before entering the conference decked out in area t-shirts, pink glitter, and strawberry seal posters (Arlina Yang)

Announcing service projects

Interact clubs across the world will be fundraising to provide for clean water resources in Honduras in a collaboration with Water1st. For the local project, District 5170 will cultivate the local communities by providing for the food insecure in a partnership with Martha’s Kitchen. 

“One of the most important things that I think you learn at FLC other than building your leadership skills, is about the projects themselves. They covered a lot about it today, but really understanding why and about the issue itself is really important for everyone in the district to know,” said Jeia Soo, Area 3 Director.

The global and district projects bring forth goals like service hours or fundraising goals for the Interactors to fulfill.

Many Interactors came to the conference to see District 5170 in action and also “to be here (at the Fall Leadership Conference) when they announce the international project for all the districts globally,” said Abby Stein, Granada Interact club member (‘25).

Rotating between the workshops

From workshops like drawing paper bags for Martha’s Kitchen to learning about water resources for Water1st, the event featured announcements on the annual global and community level service project and collaborative leadership workshops.

“All of the workshops were really fun, it was really nice to interact with all of the other areas and people from our own area. And I feel like it was really educational too, like I learned a lot about the problems that we’re going to be solving this year,” said Elina Maleki, Amador Valley Interact club member (‘25). 

All Interactors were put into groups and rotated around into leadership workshops to learn more about the projects and connect with others. 

“Whether it’s talking to other people and practicing networking or learning more about the projects: all of these things really contribute to aspects of leadership in ways they’re challenged and forced to step out of their comfort zones and explore new things,” said Lakshmi Poojitha Panda, Area 12 Director.

Looking into Area 3 from District 5170

Consisting of Quarry Lane, Dublin, Granada, Livermore, and Foothill, Area 3 also hosts the Amador Valley chapter of Interact club. Area 3 is represented by Each area is represented by a mascot that gets printed on t-shirts for Interactors to wear in the conference.

“Strawberry seals are something that previous area directors have had as an idea. And then when we had voted for our mascot, that was the one that won and that’s how it became our mascot this year,” said Soo.

While each area had respectively held their own pre-FLC, where Interactors of their hosted schools came together to create posters, learn chants, and socialize with members from their own areas. 

“Pre-FLC was a great bonding experience across the schools in Area 3, I’m sure it’s the same for other areas as well, because it united all the Interactors in Area 3 together and ignited our Area spirit before the conference itself,” said Andrea Yang, Amador Valley Interact Co-President.

Serving the community

Furthermore, the Fall Leadership conference will be hosted annually at Independence High School for all 13 areas in District 5170 to come together for the future Interact service projects. 

“I think other people should join Interact because of the community itself, not only because of all the service that we do and all the impact that we have, but being able to be a part of District 5170 with all 13 areas,” said Soo.

Interact has a variety of volunteer opportunities and service events for high school students to participate in. Using the Interact and Rotary motto “service above self,” Interactors will continue to serve the local communities and beyond.