Amador senior gets perfect score on AP Computer Science test


Eva Raul

Tummula is the first student at Amador Valley to receive a perfect score on the AP Computer Science exam.

When Amrutha Tummula (‘23) received an email notifying her she got a perfect score on her AP Computer Science A test, she couldn’t believe it. She is one of the 345 students out of 63,980 nationwide who received all 80 points on the test. 

“I definitely didn’t expect a perfect score. I felt confident walking out of the exam, but nobody expects to get a perfect score because the chances are so low,” said Tummula

On May 6, 2022, students across the nation took the AP Computer Science (APCS) exam, which consists of 40 multiple-choice questions and four free-response questions. To prepare for the exam, Tummula spent all the weekends leading up to the exam studying and managing her time effectively. 

“I’m really proud of her. When she told me, I was really excited for her. Even though I’ve only known Amrutha for a couple years, the first thing that I noticed about her is that she’s really hard working. That’s what happened on her AP Test, where she worked really hard for prepping and she got a full score,” said Myra Qin (‘23), Tummula’s friend. 

When deciding what classes to take her junior year, Tummula chose AP Computer Science because it was a common interest in her family. 

“My parents encouraged me to do AP Computer Science because my dad went into computer science and so did my brother. The two of them gave me a nudge towards the field, so I tried it out and thought it was really interested,” said Tummula

During class, she loved the creativity of coding. Being able to find different ways to solve a single problem efficiently furthered her interest in the class. 

The best part of AP Computer Science was whenever we’d collaborate together. A lot of times, when you’re doing an FRQ, there are multiple ways to solve the problem. It was always interesting to see how I solved it differently than someone else. If they had a better way to do it that was shorter and more efficient, I’d be able to learn from them and do better in the future as well,” said Tummula

Although many students at Amador take APCS, none have achieved what Tummula has. 

I am not surprised that Amrutha got a perfect score, because she’s an incredible talent and great student, and has always been exceptional. The fact that she got a perfect score on the AP exam is amazing,” said Tummula’s APCS teacher Kevin Kiyoi

As for her future plans, Tummula has taken her inspiration from computer science to the next level. As she works on her college applications, she has an idea of where technology could take her. 

“I definitely plan to pursue coding in the future as a career, and I’ll be majoring in that for college as well,” said Tummula.