AV Cheer holds Full-Day Cheer Clinic for young Pleasanton students


Grace Huang

The AV Cheer Team stands in a High V as the students follow closely.

The AV Competition Cheer Team hosted a one-day cheer clinic for elementary and middle schoolers. The team brought their full energy to the event, hoping to make a positive experience for the aspiring cheerleaders. 

“Especially coming off of Covid, I know the younger grades and middle schoolers haven’t had a lot of exposure lately to sports, specifically cheer. Hopefully, this will spark some interest,” said Katie Rodriguez, the sideline coach.

The cheer team worked hard to decide the game plan of how the day will be run and how to make the clinic fun. 

“We’re going to teach them a lot of various things including dances, cheers, and jumps. I’m so excited for everyone to get the experience of cheer. I know the middle school stopped doing cheer for a while, so it’s good to see everyone getting back to it,” said varsity cheerleader Kate Dooley (‘24).

Parents observed from the stands and cheered with excitement for their kids. 

“I decided to have my daughter join because she is interested in cheerleading, and I thought this would be a good way to see if she really likes it. I really hope she has a good time and gets an idea of what cheerleading looks like,” said Carissa Clark, a mother watching in the bleachers. 

However, no one can beat the excitement of the clinic students, who were jumping about even after the session ended. Many expressed their interest in continuing with cheerleading. 

“I loved it. Everything was fun. My favorite part was learning the cheer and the dance. I think I want to join the cheer team in high school,” said sixth grader Kendall Kitts.

The children will get a sneak peek of the high school cheering experience at the next freshmen football game on Oct. 27, where they will perform a special routine during half-time. 

“I feel a little nervous about performing, but not too much because we already practiced (the dance). Mostly, I feel excited,” said third grader Ava Brooks.

For many members of the AV Cheer Team, cheer clinics held in the past played a big role in why they became cheerleaders now. 

“I love the cheer clinic. I remember I did this when I was little, and it was how I became a cheerleader. I would always look up to the older girls, and it was just really inspiring because they looked so nice and encouraging,” said Savana Harper (‘23).

As the clinic session drew to a close, the young girls lifted their pom poms into the air as they created new memories from an energetic day on the field. 

“It’s exciting when you’re a kid to see the girls in poms, see how they perform on the fields and just have a fun day,” said Rodriguez

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  • The AV Competition Cheer Team takes a group photo before the arrival of the little ones.

  • The young girls follow closely and imitate the basic motions that are being taught.

  • Everyone takes a short snack break as they replenish their energy.

  • The kids watch intently as the cheer team demonstrates the routine.

  • The kids and the cheer team put their hands together to shout a cheer before running through the dance.

  • The cheer team takes a group photo with the young girls.