Counselors present to seniors about post high school pathways


Katy Clark

Seniors gathered in the library to watch the counselors present through the projector screen.

Katy Clark, AVT Page Editor

In the multipurpose room and library for the last two block days, the counselors gave a presentation during ACCESS to the seniors about plans after high school. 

“This is senior year. I am sure there are a lot of emotions and those are completely valid, but seniors  are on the final stretch,” said counselor Jasmine Torres.

 To make the distribution process easier, students were put into a specific room on either Wednesday or Thursday based on their last name. The presentation lasted all of ACCESS and ended with students receiving an updated paper copy of their individual transcripts. 

“We ask that students take a look to make sure that everything on the transcript is correct and make sure that any outside courses that you already submitted a form for are added,” said Torres.

During the presentation, the counselors tried to clear up any confusion about the college application process, financial aid through FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), the requirements of each college such as test scores or letters of recommendation, and general admission and application deadlines. 

“I knew pretty much everything they talked to us about, but I think it was good for them to talk about the transfer process since not that many students know about the benefits and details of it,” said Stephanie McManus (‘23).

The counselors went through the differences between public and private school, and the differences between early action, restrictive early action, and regular decision.

“As of now, I don’t think I will be applying to any early decision schools just because none of them are great for the major I want to apply in which is aerospace engineering. Many of the early decision schools are better for liberal arts. I will be applying early action to schools with notable engineering programs like USC and Harvey Mudd,” said Shreya Modak (‘23).

Students can get more information throughout the year at future events such as the CSU and UC night on October 11, and the Financial Aid Night on November 9.