How the recent PPIE and PTSA grants have affected Amador


Krithika Subramaniam

The most notable project from the recent grants has been the new board at the front of campus.

Krithika Subramaniam and Tejasvini Ramesh

Recent donations from the PPIE and PTSA have helped Amador Valley High School and its teachers fund various products and projects around campus. 

“The PPIE grants have helped us secure equipment that we wouldn’t be able to receive otherwise. With the budget that we have, it would take us years to collect the amount of probes [equipment used to collect data] that we were able to acquire at once,” said Physics teacher Bree Barnett-Dreyfuss.

Students have also felt the advantages of having new facilities in their classrooms. There were requests approved from things as simple as notebooks and pencils, to bigger items such as new lab equipment and the new announcement board in front of the theater along Santa Rita Rd.

“The new board caught my attention, as I always walk through that area and seeing something new like that adds a refreshing touch to the school. With these new improvements it seems as though our school is ever growing and even in some of my classes I’ve been able to see brand new equipment that wasn’t here when I was a freshman,” said Devika Subramaniam (‘23)

Departments such as culinary arts have received grants in order to fund their grocery material to give the students the ability to cook in their classrooms.

“Every year, the PTSA is super generous and they give us quite a bit of money to help provide groceries for all of our students, and without their help, all of the students that take culinary would be doing a lot less cooking and a lot less hands on learning,” said Culinary Arts teacher Julia Ford.