From directing melodies to managing education: the journey of AV principal Jonathan Fey


Zenil Koovejee

Jonathan Fey, replacing Joshua Butterfield as AV principal, officially joined Amador during the July 28th Pleasanton school board meeting.

Zenil Koovejee, AVTV Producer

As students returned from summer break, they were welcomed back to Amador in the spirit of new beginnings and with a fresh twist by the name of Jonathan Fey. Many students have spotted Amador’s latest edition strolling around the campus grounds during lunch, and have wondered who the man behind the desk really is. 

“I am really excited that we have a new principal. I am sure he will bring our school a lot of success,” said Ativ Asarawala (‘24).

Fey steps into Amador with a career spanning more than 20 years in the educational backdrop. He has an administrative, teaching, and technical background in the public sector, ultimately giving him the opportunity to acquire vital knowledge in how to teach, why we teach, and how to manage it all. 

“After I was teaching for twenty years, I spent four years as an assistant principal at a high school in Walnut Creek, and four years as principal of an elementary school. I think that all of those experiences, my opportunity to lead and manage a multitude of programs, really prepared me for this experience,” said Fey

Fey, with such a long standing career in education, also did consulting work for Amador in the 1980s, providing him with a unique perspective of our school as a whole, and the true composition of what it means to be a Don. 

“I think what we have seen in the last eighteen years since I’ve lived here, is that there has been a huge demographic shift in terms of the diversity and culture that is a part of our Pleasanton community. It has truly been quite enriching and wonderful to see,” said Fey

Residing in Pleasanton for more than eighteen years, Fey continues to live with his family, all of whom have supported him in both his personal and professional pursuits. Fey’s journey to Pleasanton, however, had extremely humble beginnings, starting with his now-wife and then-girlfriend who used to live in Pleasanton. 

“I would come down to visit Pleasanton and my girlfriend and I would spend time downtown. Later on, after living in a couple of different places, I got a job in the Bay Area, and Pleasanton just seemed like the right fit for us. We knew what kind of community this was, and that was 18 years ago,” said Fey

In terms of personal interests, Fey loves to listen to music, particularly due to his vast background in instrumental teaching and musical theory. Fey’s taste in music is, in his words, ‘eclectic,’covering a wide variety of different genres: from the rhythm in rap, hip-hop, and contemporary musical styles to the sweet melodies of jazz.

“I think it’s cool we have a principal who appreciates all types of music. We need someone who can connect with students and this is one way I think Mr. Fey can,” said Nigel Purvis (‘24). 

Holistically speaking, Fey has a desire to help Amador thrive past old boundaries and subject students to a better standard of learning – no matter what it takes. Stepping onto campus with the goal of helping students, Fey has a lucid intent: to connect people, to give back to his community, and to leave his mark on Amador for both today and tomorrow.

“I look at coming to work everyday as an opportunity to do good. I don’t look at this as work. I get to come to work everyday, I don’t have to. I get to. That is an important perspective for me, because I enjoy what I do. Most importantly, the only way I got this enjoyment is by going out and trying new things. So, I tell students, it is these times where you get to experiment and get to try things out. So, get involved in our community,” said Fey.