Newly built Emerald High set to open for 2023 school year in Dublin

The skeletons and scaffolding of the soon to be the 23 acre Emerald High.

Andrew Naylor

The skeletons and scaffolding of the soon to be the 23 acre Emerald High.

Andrew Naylor, Mirella Maltby, and Rohan Prakash

Emerald High started construction in 2015-2016 as a part of the Facilities Master Plan located at 3700 Dublin Blvd, Dublin near Lowes. As of Aug. 2022 Foundations have been built. $385 Million was approved and put into Emerald High due to Dublin High’s overcrowding.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place in Sept. 2020, Two phases will occur during the construction. Phase one will accommodate 1,300 students. Phase two will complete the school and have a maximum of 2,500 students with 23.46 acres. 

“The increased capacity at the high school level will alleviate the stress at Dublin High School, allowing more students access to courses and leadership opportunities,” said Former Dublin Superintendent Daniel Moirao.

Enrollment has not yet started but is expected to open soon as the school begins to move into phase one. Students already attending Dublin High most likely will not switch out of preference for DHS.

“I don’t want to move to Emerald High because they’re probably not going to have [as many] activities and clubs and sports…Maybe having a sports complex, or a club area, or stuff like extracurriculars there. I guess if it was constructed when I was in sixth grade or something like that [I’d attend],” said Ria Inamdar(‘26), Dublin High Freshman. 

.The Aug. report states that football field construction has begun while the tennis court started in July. The district is unsure if provisions will be ready for the first opening year of the school and if teams are allowed to compete on half-finished facilities. However, normal attendance for school will be open, allowing locals to have shorter commutes.

“And for those of you who live in the Emerald High school boundary, you now have a well-deserved local high school,” said Moirao

Emerald High will be done with phase one on Dec. 30, 2023 but its completion of phase two is undetermined. The monthly timeline is up on the DUSD website.