Yearbooks to be distributed on Wednesday and Thursday


Katy Clark

The spring supplements, which are put in the back of the yearbook, arrived on Monday.

Katy Clark, AVT Page Editor

On the week of May 23, the yearbooks are going to be distributed to all of the 1,212 people who have ordered them. For six staff members, the yearbook advisor, and the teacher assistants, this is going to be a daunting but rewarding task.

“I am pretty excited to finally see all our hard work put into something tangible and see the final product,” said Elizabeth Han (‘23).

The upperclassmen will receive the books first on Wednesday during their regular class periods. Seniors will get them in first period and juniors will get them in third period. The yearbook wanted a more controlled way of handing out books than last year when students came to pick them up, so the staff can make sure everyone gets a book, and no one takes one without paying.

“I think it should hopefully help us to speed the process up so things won’t take as long,” said Editor Abby Wight (‘22).

On Tuesday, the staff will be working all day in the library, splitting up the tasks in a sort of assembly line, in order to be most efficient. One person will be in charge of uploading the boxes, where they will give the yearbook to another who will put the spring supplement in the back. Once the yearbook is ready to go, it will be put in a different box labeled with the respective teacher.

“I think this year will be much more efficient because we’ll be doing it during school hours. Because of Covid and shipping delays we had to distribute the past two years in the summer, so a lot of people were out of town or didn’t know they needed to come. I think having distribution before school ends and during class periods/access where teachers can help enforce the correct timing and all, we will be able to distribute faster and to more students,” said Editor Holly Fletcher (‘22).

On Thursday, the underclassmen will receive their books during advisory from their teacher. A box will come to each advisory class with the exact number of books and list of all the people who bought the book. After a full year of the book in the making, the yearbook staff is ready to see it, and they hope other people are as well.

“I am a little nervous because I am a part of the yearbook and I hope people won’t judge it and stuff but overall it would be cool to see the actual product, instead of just on the screen,” said Emily Chao (‘22).