What makes the worldwide film industries special


The world has many different and unique film industries including Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, and Hallyuwood.

Film– a way for people to gather together and enjoy different genres of entertainment and culture. From the point of view of Americans, it may seem like Hollywood is the powerhouse of the film industry, but there are many unique “-woods” that hold their own characteristics that make them special and popular worldwide. While there are too many film industries to go in depth about them all, the most popular ones hold special characteristics. 


While many visualize the infamous sign on the hill when Hollywood is mentioned, the United States’ film industry flourished in the early 20th century, and has blossomed into the top film industry, in terms of revenue. Some key characteristics of films that define the Hollywood industry are graphics and animations, producing some of the most viewed movies of all time, such as Star Wars.

“I think the actors make Hollywood special because they are famous and attractive which help bring popularity to the films. Also when there is a popular movie series, that will create a fanbase who will watch the other films no matter how bad they might be,” Mya Lee (‘23).


While Hollywood is an actual place, Bollywood is a representation of the Hindi film industry, the biggest film industry in terms of movies produced. On average, Bollywood produces over a thousand films per year, compared to the 300-500 films coming out of Hollywood. A clear distinction that Bollywood has over other industries is its incorporation of dances and music which display Indian culture. Bollywood is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, promoting the industry to add some English to its films. 

“I think what makes Bollywood so unique compared to other industries is the fact that they are rich in music and dance in almost every movie which a lot of people incorporate into their lives outside of the movie,” said Sid Mane (‘23).


A relatively new yet successful film industry has been Nollywood, Nigeria’s film industry. The name Nollywood was coined in the early 2000s with the digital revolution, and it has fit the industry well as they have become the second largest film industry based on films produced per year. Nollywood also fits with the term “nothing wood” as the industry was built from circumstances far from ideal, such as difficult film settings. What makes Nollywood special is its unique plots and storylines which are indicative of Nigerian culture. 

“I think it is important that Nollywood is creating many movies because it creates more of an opportunity for a film to reach a wider audience and create either a series of movies or a loyal fanbase,” said Lee.


One of the most distinct film industries in the world comes from South Korea. Hallyuwood fits the mold of producing dramatic films with hints of horror, such as Parasite, and its actors really animate their expressions. While Hallyuwood has not been the most popular worldwide, it has been producing more and more films that are reaching worldwide audiences because of the signature suspense and breathtaking cliffhangers that Hallyuwood creates, especially with Korean drama. 

“I think more and more people are getting interested in Korean films because the plots and dramatic acting can cause peoples’ hearts to skip and beat and keep them on the edge of their seat wondering what’s going to happen next,” said Matthew Seo (‘24).