City council approves new projects, allocates funds for improvement


Devika Subramaniam

City councils in Pleasanton are making renovations and making a new skate park at Ken Mercer

Devika Subramaniam, Staff Writer

The Pleasanton City Council met on Tuesday, April 12th for several key facility projects, and how to prioritize them among other improvement projects proposed in Pleasanton’s City Plan list. 

The first project that has been taken a look at is the Ken Mercer sports park.

“Some of the parks in Pleasanton are falling apart, and I think we should be able to prioritize this. However, I do think with all the other stuff going on, such as COVID and businesses closing, it’s hard to take a look at projects such as renovations. So I hope that there are changes to parks such as the Ken Mercer Park,” said Ananya Niranjan (‘25)

The council had a broad conversation on all capital projects included in their works plan considering cost, community input, and other factors. Some important projects include a new skate park at the Ken Mercer Park, West Las Positas Boulevard infrastructure improvement, library improvements and etc.

“I didn’t hear anything about the Ken Mercer Park, but I have heard the Councils doing something about renovations. I think that Pleasanton is already beautiful, but new renovations and creative additions to parks, buildings, centers, and so forth would be great. I’d like to see not only park improvements, but other renovations as well” said Jia Varshney (‘24)

The first project that is on the agenda is the approval of the draft of an All-Abilities Playground Master Plan at Ken-Mercer Sports Park. The council is still deciding whether they wish to proceed with the park’s renovation or stop until the funding of the construction is identified. However, the funding is estimated to be about $8.5 million. 

“I think that spending so much money on renovations for parks is kind of unnecessary. There are many other things we need to focus on, such as helping businesses and giving proper medical care for those who are vulnerable to getting COVID. I think making renovations is fine, but 8.5 million is a ridiculous amount of money” said Krisha Rathodd (‘23).

The skate park at Ken Mercer has been approved by the board members, but they have unanimously agreed that they should build it in phases due to the high cost. The cost is unclear because it depends on how the design is constructed and played out. For example, additional installation of a bathroom will cost another $450,000. 

“Parks are a great way for people to do sports or get an exercise in. Not only that, but it’s a cool place to hang out, plus walk your dogs. Adding a skate park is a great way to improve the Ken Mercer park because there aren’t many skate parks in Pleasanton, and I know a lot of people who love to skate” said Aaron Sharma (‘25).

Overall, many people from Pleasanton think this is a better decision for the youth of this generation, and give a nice environment for people to skate and have fun in.