Fight breaks out at Boys Lacrosse game against Foothill on senior night


Giuliana Barthel

Players run to the 20-yard line where the fight is taking place after flags from the referees have been thrown.

Giuliana Barthel, Staff Writer

Last week during Amador’s Boys lacrosse game and senior night, emotions ran high as the team played rival school Foothill High School. Both teams experienced different feelings as the season was veering to an end with it being the last league game on the schedule. Fans and players would argue that this along with questionable calls from the referees and foul play led to the fight that broke out in the third quarter of the game.This fight would result in four players being ejected and cause the game to stop for twenty minutes. 

“I was right by the fight when it started. One of our teammates scored a goal and a player on Foothill hit him about five seconds after he scored making it a late hit. One of my teammates was angry and proceeded to body-check the defender who issued the late hit. After this, a fight broke out among most of the players on the field,” said Mateo Castillo, attacker (‘22). 

The Amador player who initiated the fight was not ejected but acknowledges that his emotions got the best of him. He also states he had already been on edge as he was blindsided earlier in the game causing his head to start to hurt. 

“My intentions were not to start a fight. I was mad and pushed the player because he hit my teammate for no reason… Later I was sad because my actions resulted in two of our players getting ejected and now they can’t play in NCS,” said Luke Jacobsen, midfielder (‘22). 

One of the assistant coaches was also ejected. He believed the referees could have prevented the fight with more calls from the start of the game. However, the coaches did not condone the fight and did not allow the players on the bench to enter the field.

“After our player had been hit, I tried to run onto the field to help protect my teammates. Fortunately, our coach grabbed me and stopped me. I let my emotions control me which wasn’t good. I’m glad that coaches were able to stop the bench from entering the fight and creating worse problems,” said Maxim Carrel, midfielder (‘22). 

It is safe to say that this fight will not be forgotten, especially by senior players. Many seniors thought this would be the last game of their Amador lacrosse career, as the team did not think they would make the playoffs.

“It’s sad that Mateo Castillo and Daniel Kniveton were ejected from their last game. I wish the fight never happened and it was upsetting that it was our second to last game as seniors,” Carrel  adds on. 

As fighting is never tolerated at either school, the players who were ejected from the game were suspended for three of the following games in NCS. The two Amador players also had to take time to do a sportsmanship practice with the Athletic Director at Amador.