Finals Focus- A Playlist To Soothe Your Nerves


Julianna Diwa

As finals and AP tests loom closer than ever, settle in and focus up with AV Radio and this instrumental playlist made for all the focusing, studying, and cramming you’ll be doing this season. Good luck, Dons!










FIND YOUR WINGS – Instrumental by Tyler, the Creator

Start out your study session with a song off of Tyler, the Creator’s 2015 album Cherry Bomb, its jazz-inspired saxophone and synths both calming and uplifting– find your wings and ace that test.

When You Sleep by Japancakes

This instrumental cover of a shoegaze classic is soothing and perfect for focusing; replace My Bloody Valentine’s guitar with a string quartet, and you’ve got the ideal study tune.

One Summer Day by Joe Hisaishi

This song off of the Studio Ghibli classic Spirited Away soundtrack won’t have you seeing spirits, but your ears will be thankful for its twinkling and magical sound.

Ride by Vitamin String Quartet

Get lost in this majestic string quartet cover of the Lana Del Rey favorite.

As We Bloom by Strawberry Guy

This season may not be all too peaceful with finals, but remember to take a breath and keep calm with this spring day-inspired tune.

Bloody and Blunt by Cocteau Twins

Cocteau Twins are called a dream pop artist for a reason– their dreamy melodies and surreal sound will have you in another world.

Avril 14th by Aphex Twin

This song has been sampled by Kanye West and featured in films like Marie Antoinette (2006) and Her (2014), but for now, it’ll serve as the gentle piano-filled soundtrack to your end-of-year cramming.

What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? by Bill Evans

Studying, probably.

Treefingers by Radiohead

A soft and ambient tune off of Radiohead’s seminal Kid A, guaranteed to get you an A in that extra-difficult class.

Pagan Poetry by Vitamin String Quartet (Björk cover)

A cover of eccentric Icelandic artist Björk’s Pagan Poetry, with melodic string arrangements layering to create a great upbeat homework number.

Miroirs: III. Une Barque sur l’océan by Maurice Ravel and André Laplante

A memorable tune off of the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack– keep those happy thoughts of summer in your mind as you struggle for just a few weeks more.

Karma Police by Amy Bynes

A piano rendition of a Radiohead song Rolling Stone deems one of the best 500 of all time.

(forever?????????) by glass beach

Hopefully you won’t be doing your homework forever, but if you do, this song will be great to have on in the background.

Parfum d’étoiles by Ichiko Aoba

Japanese folk singer Ichiko Aoba plays nostalgic piano over the sounds of birds chirping and people talking, all layered with her soft, high-pitched vocals; a dulcet, concentration-inspiring tune that’ll make you feel one with nature.

Where Is My Mind by Maxence Cyrin

This alternative rock tune made classic by the final scene of Fight Club (1999) is perfect as a cinematic and calm piano number, as well as the ultimate way to finish up your study session…but if you’ve still got a page or two left to read, be sure to loop the playlist and start from the beginning.