Local professionals invited for annual Amador Career Fair


Tejasvini Ramesh

With various different booths ready for students to explore, students were spoken with individually and were provided information about the many available careers.

Tejasvini Ramesh, Staff Writer

On April 28th, Amador’s College & Career Counseling Department invited a variety of professionals to the Annual Career Fair. Students received resources to prepare, and as one of the most anticipated events of the year, it did not disappoint. 

“At the Career Fair, students engaged with professionals so that they could learn more about career pathways and how to get into those careers,” said College and Career Counselor, Kimberly Woodworth.

By speaking with professionals, students were able to get exposure to careers that they normally did not interact with in their day-to-day life. This allowed them to explore less common careers like iron-welding, dog training, and tile-making.

“I enjoyed looking at the different career options they had. I have only really explored STEM careers, so it was nice for me to see the other options that are there,” said Regina Rajbanshi (‘23).

Every single booth at the event had at least one representative ready to talk to students. All vendors made it a priority to speak with students individually and answer any questions they may have about a specific career. 

“I just wanted to reach out to the students and let them know about the programs we offer. My advice would be to start with your strengths and what you’re interested in. Then pursue that, [and] look for three or four different options,” said Beauty Industry Consultant Daniel Moses.

Although the Career Fair was primarily a place to learn about different professions, Las Positas College’s Outreach Specialist Anne Kennedy was also available to answer students’ questions about college. According to Kennedy, students often asked about college courses and majors.

“I think that is really important to explore a career that you would want to do and then figure out what education might lead to that career as opposed to deciding on a major,” said Kennedy.

With so many industries to learn about, ranging from restaurant chains like In-n-Out to engineering companies like Workday, students had an amazing opportunity to learn about future careers available to them. 

“A lot of students just know the careers that are within their own circle, but there are so many other careers out there, and so one of my goals is that students keep an open mind so that they can learn more about what’s out there for them,” said Woodworth.