How AV dual athletes manage two sports


The Amador Football team is full of well-rounded athletes that participate in multiple sports year-round.

Thomas Kim, AVT Editor

From extra hours of practice and exhaustion, it can be difficult to manage during one season of the school year. However, some Amador athletes compete in multiple sports throughout the school year to complement and develop skills for another sport or to show their passion for both.

“I started wrestling to help me with football because there is a lot more conditioning in wrestling than football which has gotten me into the best shape I’ve been in,” said AJ Johnson (‘23).

Johnson wrestles during his Football off-seasons in order to stay in the best shape he can.

All sports require unique strategies and skills useful in all aspects of life, and many Amador athletes work to combine the physical and mental skills they have learned in multiple sports to build an overall skill set. 

“Both sports have taught me skills that can be used in both wrestling and football. For example, wrestling taught me to be light on my feet as well as to be disciplined, while football taught me how to push people around,” said Johnson.

With sports like tennis and football, there are a wide variety of sports athletes can participate in, but there are also sports similar to each other that effectively produce practice year round and deliver results in each sport. 

“I run track and cross country which both require endurance skills so the training is not entirely different. There is practice in all four seasons, so it is non-stop running,” said Cammie Macntyre (‘22).

Macntyre participates in both Cross Country and Track, sports with similar training but different execution. (Cammie Mcintyre)

Competing in multiple sports throughout the year can take not just a physical toll on the body, but also a mental one. The phrase student athlete puts the word student first, but managing school school and sports can be difficult, especially when sports can take up an entire semester.  

“It can get difficult to manage two sports because I don’t really get any breaks. Football is in the fall and wrestling is in the winter, so I’m always either playing football or wrestling,” said Johnson.

Playing different sports can deliver a unique atmosphere with other people. Some may favor the new experience, but some sports have similar faces throughout the seasons, as it is the norm for taking part in both sports. 

“A lot of people run both cross country and track, so it is a similar environment with a lot of the same people I like to hang out with which makes the sports more enjoyable,” said Macntyre.