AV Boys Tennis wrapping up an incredible season with a nearly undefeated win streak


Yi (Steven) Yang

Bryan Park (’23) making a photo-worthy serve during practice.

Matthew Carter and Sarah Yang

Amador Boys Tennis has a lot to be proud of after placing second in EBALs and having some incredible matches this year. Being at the top of the East Bay Athletic League ranking is a mark of true accomplishment and achievement.

“Although we have pretty much always been first in EBAL,  it’s still a really special thing, as it’s a testament of our hard work, talent, and team spirit. It’s also especially important to me this year as this is my final season, so it feels great to end off on a high note,” said Bryan Park (‘23).

While the boys weren’t able to pull off a win at their final EBAL meet against Foothill, they had an undefeated winning streak up until that point. They ended their season with a final score of 17-1. One of their best meets was undoubtedly the Bay Area Classic Tournament.

“My proudest moment would be finishing 5th out of 16 of the best tennis teams in the state last month at the Bay Area Classic. The team has progressed through winning and losing with great sportsmanship and class. They have gelled as a team and are playing at their best.” said Coach Mark Stephenson.

When it comes to tennis, for the most part, every player is on their own on the court. It’s up to them alone to secure a match for their team. That’s what brings importance to each player knowing how to do their part to lead to an overall win for the team. All the boys must be able to understand each other’s techniques and playing, especially when it comes to playing doubles. 

“Our team culture is very supportive of each other, and we never hold our losses against each other. We always help each other to develop our shots and improve our technique, so we are constantly improving and building off each other. This has helped us a lot throughout the season as it’s helped us consistently improve and adapt to our opponents, as well as develop great team spirit.” said Hrishikesh Hari (‘22)

Team spirit is just as important to the team’s success as their individual playing skills. It takes a team of good guys and a supportive environment to achieve victories.

“I think the overall team culture was very loud and energetic, which helped boost morale and intimidated the other teams. I think our team has progressed not only by improving in tennis but also becoming a lot closer as a team.” said Park.

The season was an especially impressive feat for the seniors. Between their final year of high school and all the post-high school preparation that comes with it makes for a pretty busy life. Having an undefeated streak of 17 matches is an incredible triumph in this busy time of their lives.

“My biggest takeaway would be sports and school can be a difficult balancing act with college applications, AP classes and exams and all the extracurricular stuff outside tennis. I’m impressed at how they do it so well.” said Stephenson.