Compiling counselor and school resources to study for the upcoming AP exams


Ritika Gupta

With AP testing starting soon, students are preparing through a variety of resources.

Sara Kracke, Photo Editor

As the school year nears its end, the stress of AP testing weighs down on students, and many are stuck questioning how to go about studying. 

“The fact that it is an AP class, you have to expect that it’s going to be harder than a normal class and the extra work is really just everything they can’t cover in a unit. You have to teach yourself and there’s a lot of extra reading you have familiarize yourself with,” said AP student Riann Sarno (‘22). 

While eating a good breakfast, meditation, and sleep lead to mental clarity during the tests, there are more concrete practices to help improve student performance.

“Planning and studying ahead of time and not trying to cram within the last 48 hours is ideal. I have recommended to my students to pull all of their worksheets, video guides, and handouts and highlight them closer to the test time,” said AP US History teacher Mairi Wohlgemuth.

As a highschool student, there are a lot of common pitfalls that are easy to get trapped in. Many find themselves stuck reading the wrong resources, waiting till the last minute, and wondering how to manage the amount of information they take in at such a quick pace.

“You cannot cram everything in one night or morning. What happens, happens. Control your feelings and try to focus on what you need to be doing on the particular test. Procrastination is a pitfall I see students falling in. I recommend not procrastinating and use these next few weeks to really focus and study,” said Barbara Henriquez, AP Spanish Literature and Culture teacher.

The main question students often face is whether what is learned in class reflects what is on the test.

“The test mirrors the content I teach pretty well in terms of the kind of thing you’re expected to do in college. Overall the test does that and does it pretty well,” said Sean Brennan, AP English Literature teacher.

Some AP teachers recommend using Youtube, as it is a great resource to use when studying material that can be on the test and that might have not been covered in the classroom.

“There is an easy way to review which is looking at some of those Youtube reviewers. There are so many quality teachers out there that have Youtube [channels],” said Wohlgemuth.

Struggling with stress and nerves before AP testing is normal in these times. It is important to prioritize mental health and mindfulness throughout preparation and testing. 

“There has been an unprise in students coming to the wellness center due to AP testing. It’s very stressful to be in a test and hands sweaty, questioning if you forgot everything. Make sure to study a lot, but also take time for yourself and maybe go for a walk or study in different ways where you’re not just sitting there in front of a book,” said wellness counselor Cindy Tovar.

AP exams will be administered on campus and take place through the first two weeks of May.