AV Comp Civics competes and wins in national We the People Finals


Soraia Bohner

Lois Hong (’22), Honore Alexander (’22), Jasmine Chen (’22), and Margaret Huang (’22) listen to feedback from judges from across the country.

UPDATE: The Amador Competition Civics team earned first place in the We the People National Finals. Foothill High School also placed fourth, rounding off a successful year for the competing high schools.

Over the weekend, Amador’s Competition Civics team finally got to show off their months of practice at the We the People National Finals. They competed within their units against 45 other teams from Alaska to Rhode Island. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the competition was online.

“I’m super glad I was able to experience Nationals even though it was online. I wish it was in person and that we could have competed in D.C. We were able to get diverse judges that we probably could not have gotten in a normal year,” said Tom Li (‘22).

On Sunday night, the team found out they made it to the top 12 nationally. Along with Foothill, Amador competed Monday morning against the best teams in the country. The judges were tougher, but the team was confident, as Amador has a history of placing high.

“I really want to place in the top three because then we get a special constitutional plaque. I’m excited to hear the results tomorrow,” said Akash Madiraju (22’).

This year, Amador is hoping for the elusive first place, something they have gotten once in 1995. They will find out their placement Tuesday, April 26 at 5 p.m.