Is Marvel spiraling into madness – a look into the upcoming Doctor Strange movie



Watch the anticipated Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on May 4th in theaters worldwide.

From its introduction to the big screen in 2008 with the opening credits of Iron Man playing ACDC, the MCU has been a universe with a large fanbase surrounding it, producing 14 years of movies and TV shows. 

However with the release of Spiderman: No Way Home and Loki, new magic has been introduced that changes the whole scope of the universe. This opens it up to the writers to create new and haunting realities for our favorite characters in the upcoming film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, coming to theaters on May 4th.

“I think that something that is a little more out there is a little  more of a risk always when they are creating these movies because the problem with it is that they can be a lot more creative which makes it more interesting, which is why I am so excited, but it is also like what is [the audience] going to think about it, because it might not be taken up very well,” said Dahlia Versteeg (‘23).

Shown for the first time during the post credits of Spiderman: No Way Home, the Multiverse of Madness trailer added a chilling air to the theater. Cluttered with easter eggs and fan favorites such as Wanda and Doctor Strange, it leaves room for many fans to think up fan theories. 

“I am excited to see if [Wanda’s] the big bad of the movie, and I think that she will be the villain because she would do anything to get her kids back,” said Lance Pajarillo (‘23).

Staying within the theme of the weird and unexpected that the first film offered, the trailer showed trippy clips such as doors leading to space like realms, disintegrating buildings, and faces sliced up in pieces. The contrast from the otherworldly feel that has also popped up in Loki to more grounded works such as the Falcon and the Winter Soldier continues to excite viewers and challenge the versatility of the writers.

Like Falcon and the Winter Soldier or other works, it is always on Earth and you have a certain set of limitations but if you go into Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, the whole idea is that there is no limitations for what can happen, so I feel like they can be super creative with it and it can work out really well, so I am kind of excited for that,” said Versteeg.

Fans are also anticipating the introduction of many new characters. A short clip in the trailer showed a girl in a starred jean jacket, leading many to anticipate the debut of America Chavez, otherwise known as Miss America, to the MCU. Fans are also eager to see old favorites who might not have even originally been in the MCU.

“I’m also one of the seemingly few people who enjoyed some of Fox’s X-Men films, particularly the prequels with Evan Peters’ Quicksilver, James McAvoy’s Professor X, and Michael Fassbender’s Magneto. It definitely gave me a jolt to hear what seems to be Patrick Stewart’s Professor X in the trailer. Honestly, I’m hoping they’ll reveal that Evan Peters really was Quicksilver in Wandavision and that we’ll get to see him interacting with his fellow mutants in Doctor Strange,” said Abby Wight (‘22).

However, the biggest cause for excitement for the movie comes with the name itself, Multiverse of Madness. Introduced briefly as early as Spiderman: Far From Home as a possibility, it has been hyped up in the community as it offers fans a chance to see new versions of their beloved characters. With an evil looking Stephen Strange popping up at the end of the trailer wearing a smug smile, fans have blown up on the internet, excited at the possibility of a doppelganger. 

“I think it will probably involve the alternate version of Doctor Strange we saw in What If? and the movie’s trailer. He was definitely scary enough in the TV show that he could certainly carry the horror edge over to the big screen,” said Wight.

Fans only have a little over a week until the movie hits the big screen, plenty of time to think up more theories and for pre-movie merchandise to find their way into fans’ shopping carts. As for the movie itself, it promises a delve into madness and strangeness which fans can see on May 4th in theaters worldwide.