Ms. Fisher: Oh the places she goes!


Giuliana Barthel

Merilee Fisher stands in front of the pictures she took on various trips.

Giuliana Barthel, Staff Writer

Merilee Fisher, Amador’s photography and ceramics teacher, unexpectedly loves to travel. Outside of her teaching life, Fisher takes any free time available to embark on trips all over the world. Whether it’s visiting the Dominican Republic or trekking through Jamaica, Fisher has seen it all. 

Fisher’s love for traveling did not evolve out of anywhere. Her interest all started with a significant figure in her life. 

“My dad actually got me into traveling and photography … He was a pilot and also a photographer himself. I really looked up to him and he always took us on small airplane trips,” says Fisher

This summer Fisher plans to travel to the Dominican Republic as she is always in search of locations that have beaches. Later on, she may go visit eastern Europe, but it is a tentative plan due to the political atmosphere there. If this seems like a lot, Fisher has embarked on many trips in past years as well.  Last summer she went to Jamaica for ten days and before that, visited places all over Mexico and England. Fisher has also been all over Italy and France. 

Visiting different countries has allowed Fisher to learn about their history and present-day atmospheres. Not to mention, her trips have further developed her perspective of the world by bettering her understanding of life outside of her own. She loves to immerse herself into the towns, the people, and the exhibits that she visits. She recognizes the idea is not to race through the places she visits, but to take time to get a better understanding of the individual cultures. 

“Traveling, for me, has helped me get out of my routine and comfort zone to see things that are different. One of the things that are most important to me about traveling is the people. I love people, I love seeing people in different countries and seeing their lifestyles. I like living in the way they do,” says Fisher, smiling.

Along with her passion for traveling, Fisher also likes to take photographs. Her past travels inspired her work as a photographer, and gave her the opportunity to diversify her work. She takes pictures everywhere she goes, in both digital and black-and-white film. 

“I have a storage shed that is full of negatives, photographs, prints from all my trips. I have lots of things that have yet to be framed…. like boxes and boxes of pictures. If you were to go look at my negatives, there would be thousands of them,” Fisher reveals. 

Many students recognize Fisher as an engaging, social teacher who tries to make connections with all her students. This has led her to prefer traveling alongside the people she’s closest to. 

“I don’t like going to places by myself. I think traveling is an experience to be shared. Sometimes I will go with family or friends, really whoever’s available and has the money,” jokes Fisher

Fisher has hopes that all students will try traveling and experiencing the world for themselves. Going out of one’s comfort zone to a foreign country can be both educational and enlightening. 

For students interested in traveling, Fisher advises them to dig deeper beneath the surface and enjoy the experience as open-minded adventurers, not expectant tourists. 

“I hope that everybody takes the time when you travel to stop and enjoy where you are,” offers Fisher. “Don’t try to make [the experience] something that it’s not, and don’t try to skim the surface. Try to go deeper and enjoy what it is. It is about enjoying the present moment being there and enjoying what’s in front of us.”