Senior ball ticket sales are open; the rationalization behind high prices


Sarah Yang

Seniors flock the activities window outside the office to turn in their senior ball packets.

Sarah Yang, Infographics Editor-in-Chief

Senior ball is just around the corner and the seniors are more than excited. Although the tickets may seem high, starting at $120 with ASB and $135 without during the first week of sales, the dance is definitely worth it.

The venue will be at the Metreon in San Francisco, which has multiple stores on top of a big building. There will be indoor and outdoor areas of the venue, perfect for those who want to dance or check out the city view at night. A big part of the students’ tickets goes towards the venue.

“The view is absolutely incredible and a great location for a surround view of the San Francisco city lights. There’s also an indoor glass building on the very top of the building where lots of dancing will take place so that everyone can enjoy the amazing view while staying warm. It is a venue that you will not forget and students will have the time of their life at such a beautiful location,” said ASB President Chloe Peissner (‘22).

Not only is the venue a very desirable location, but the food provided comes with a great variety. With the range of food and desserts, it is rational for students to pay a high price. 

“There will be a DJ, photo booths, and lots of good food. There will be a taco bar, salad bar, spring rolls, grilled chicken, and more. For dessert, there will be mini cheesecakes, churros, and cookies,” said ASB Senior Advisor Amelia Flores (‘22).

With a beautiful site for the ball, a big amount of the ticket price is for the venue and transportation. The ticket cost has to cover the bus rentals and gas price; there will be several buses driving to San Francisco. 

“I’m excited to have an actual school dance that’s not homecoming, since we didn’t have prom last year. I’m looking forward to the San Francisco venue, because I’ve heard it’ll be super pretty at night. It better be worth the price of the tickets,” said Hanna Min (‘22).

However, despite the surface reasons to go to the ball, like the dancing and venue, some seniors are simply going for the fun memories with their friends. This will be their last high school dance, so they want to spend as much time with their friends as possible before going off to college.

“I’m a simple person; I just want it to be high energy and fun. I’m just happy with an actually big event happening because quarantine canceled prom and other events. I don’t exactly think the dance itself is worth the price but the memories and experience, definitely,” said Kenneth Chen (‘22).

Whether it’s to go for the experience of one last high school dance, or to check out the city, or even go for the food, senior ball tickets are being sold faster than lightning. The tickets may seem pricey, but the reason behind it is because of the amazing venue, transportation, and the wide variety of food.