Russian Figure Skaters being kept from competing in World Figure Skating Championship


Alex Wu

Should Russian figure skaters be blamed for their country’s actions?

Alex Wu, Editor

It has recently been announced that all Russian Figure skaters are being banned from this year’s world figure skating championship. While many athletes in the past have been banned for reasons like drug use, this ban is due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. This development draws world attention on the correlation between sports and politics.

“This is unfair for the athletes. They get punished when they do nothing wrong because they don’t get to decide whether there should be a war or not,” said Amador student Katie Yeung (‘23).

Many teenagers hold different opinions. While some teens  speak on behalf of the athletes, some students think this punishment does more good than harm based on the current global situation.

“I agree that sports should not be political, but sometimes it is necessary to do so. At this time, Russia is currently invading another country and killing its people. We cannot just stand by like nothing has happened, ” said David Ma (‘24).

Some people point out that there are more benefits to banning Russian athletes.

“I know that the Russian people are getting exposure to what’s really going on, maybe it would be a way for more awareness to be spread within Russia.” said AP Human Geography Teacher Jennifer Zuanich.

The big question that is pertinent in global discussion then is, is it right for politics to enter sports?

“Sports should not be political… I think sports should be a platform for us to compete with each other in a friendly way. By bringing politics into sports [it] will just ruin the intention of sports,” said Yeung.

People also worry about the consequences when politics enter sports competitions.

“When politics gets into sports, it won’t be just sports any more. Countries will accuse each other and fight over sports competition. That’s when things get ugly.” said Ma.

Despite the worries that politics will ruin the sports, some people see the positive side.

“I think doing these kinds of things can empower people to make a difference on issues that they care about, and I wouldn’t want to see that go away,” said Zuanich.