Sonic the blue hedgehog dashes into theaters again 


Paramount Studios

After two years, the sequel to the first Sonic the Hedgehog movie is out in theaters.

On April 8th, Paramount studios released Sonic 2 in theaters, starring Jim Carrey and Idris Elba. This action-packed animation movie brings joy and tears of laughter for kids. For teens, Sonic 2 is a fun and lighthearted throwback to the Sonic video game.


The movie picks up from the end of Sonic 1 where the villain, Eggman, ended up on an island after being defeated by Sonic. However, Eggman kept one of Sonic’s hairs, and he uses it to summon a ring portal back to the real world. From there, a new character is introduced: Knuckles, and Eggman and Knuckles go back to the real world together. 

The two search for the master emerald, a combination of the seven chaos emeralds, as the one who possesses it wields unlimited power. Tails, Sonic’s new friend, realizes that Sonic is in danger because he was gifted a map with the stone’s location. Sonic and Tails fight against Eggman and Knuckles to keep the map and the emerald safe. 

Pros and Cons

The movie is entertaining the entire time because it is humorous and packed with action. Although, because the movie is more for kids, the plot is very predictable and contains too many cheesy jokes. Teens can still enjoy many of these, though, so it’ll still be an amusing watch with younger siblings. 


Especially with Jim Carrey’s performance as Eggman, Sonic 2 is the best movie in theaters right now to share a good laugh with friends.

“I wanted to see it because I wanted to watch a movie that I could find ironically funny with my friends,” said Tyler Donaldson (‘23.)

Grab a bucket of popcorn, head to theaters, and get ready to relax and escape reality for a bit with Sonic 2.