Kiana Lum (’22) breaks Amador Girls Long Jump record


Kiana Lum has been training on the team since she was a freshman, and has found ways to improve every year.

Matthew Carter, AVT EIC

Senior Kiana Lum (‘22) recently broke not just her personal record, but the all-time school record for the girls long jump with a distance of 17’ 2.5”. 

‘I got 17’ 2.5” inches and the previous record was 17’ 2”. I’ve been trying to break it for probably like a year. I got 17’ flat last year and now I was finally able to break that.” said Lum.

Lum is now number one on the all-time list for the amador girls long jump, surpassing Lauren Frizzell (‘03), the holder of the now number two spot on the list. Being a multi-event athlete, this isn’t Lums’ first time on an all-time list. 

“I’m fourth in the triple jump, fifth in the 100 [meter], and 11th in the 200 [meter]. I did all of those last season. It feels really good to reach a number one spot.” said Lum.

With about two months left in the season, Lum still has some time left to try and reach the tops of other all-time lists.

“I’m pretty far from the triple jump record, so I won’t be too sad about not breaking that. But I hope to try and move up the all-time list.” said Lum.

Not only does Lum have the skills to break a record, but she has the leadership abilities to be a captain. She was elected captain of the jumps team for the 2022 season and is currently setting more than an adequate example of the value of hard work for her teammates. 

As a friend and a teammate, I’m so proud of Kiana breaking the record. She’s been super dedicated to track for the past four years and it’s great to see all her hard work pay off. Her drive and commitment is what makes her a great  captain. She always encourages our team and gives advice whenever you need help.” says jumps member Vaneesha Dave (‘22).

Lum has helped her team in more ways than one by setting this record. A wager with the jumps coach, Coach Pico, resulted in a fun reward for everyone. 

“It honestly feels better that my team is getting tacos because of it, not because of the actual record. My coach made a deal that he would get us tacos if I broke the school record. So, the first thing that I thought of when I broke it was my team is getting tacos and that’s pretty cool.” said Lum.