Road tripping with Olivia Rodrigo: Don’t forget to bring the Sour Patch Kids


Katy Clark

Watch ‘driving home 2 u’ on Disney Plus and take a road trip with Olivia Rodrigo.

Katy Clark, Page Editor

Pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo, singer of the hit song “Driver’s License” and album Sour, teamed up with Disney to release a short film on May 21. Featuring her producer Dan Nigro and a background band, this film shows viewers the unique songwriting process through Olivia’s eyes. Fans will find many moments relatable while enjoying live performances of her songs.

The songwriting process

The structure of this film is brilliant, providing an introspective view into Olivia’s songwriting process as she travels on a road trip from Salt Lake City, Utah to Los Angeles. Each place along the road, she reveals her inspiration for her songs in a soothing voiceover among desert mosaics and the Pacific coastline.

It was fun to learn new facts about her songs. Some of the most shocking things are that she originally did not like “Deja Vu,” “Traitor” was her favorite song she had written, and “Favorite Crime” was based off of a poem she had written in her notes app.

The film explored the intriguing dynamic between her and Dan Nigro while recording Sour, whether they were both bursting out into laughter over a mistake, or poking fun at one another. 

The funniest moment of their dynamic was watching them create the song “Brutal,” which was on a complete whim.  The moment where Dan strummed the opening rock sequence of the song on his guitar, Olivia’s face lit up with excitement. This moment recorded on camera provided a behind the scenes look on one of her most popular songs.


While fans expected her to perform her songs in the film in some capacity, Rodrigo pulled it off in a  surprising way. On her road trip she stopped at beautiful and unexpected locations, bringing her band along with her to perform. 

The most captivating performance goes to her rendition of “Good 4 U,” performed in Red Rock Canyon State Park in California. The desert environment even matches the red and pink sweater and cheetah-print hat she rocked.

However it is her voice against the strings of the orchestra that elevates Good 4 U’s performance above the others. Her voice takes on a completely different tone than her album, drawing out her lyrics with more passion and hurt in her voice, transforming this pop song into a soulful song with wider ranges and depth.


This film is a must-watch for any Olivia Rodrigo fan as it makes her more relatable than ever before and adds depth to her on stage persona. In addition, the film gives the audience mini concerts, allowing them to belt out the lyrics to bring  back the nostalgia of the summer of 2021. As for people who have yet to discover Rodrigo’s music in their playlists or the radio, this film offers a great opportunity for those interested to become familiar with her music in an unique and intimate way.