AVtv 3-24-2022


Renna Popli, AVtv Producer

Today is our 28th show of the year and we have some important announcements about Senior Activities tickets, cap and gown orders, Mr. Amador, and Donversity. 

We also have 4 great segments today:

  1. Teachers begin travel abroad programs for students 
  2. Lucky’s robots deliver groceries
  3. Dining With the Dons: Ice cream edition

We also have 2 great News Briefs today about Serculy, class schedules, and school enrollment. 

We hope you enjoy the show.

Here are the emails & bit.ly’s you’ll see in today’s show:

Cap & gown order form: bit.ly/3uavcR4

Mr. Amador donations: bit.ly/mramadorshow